Female pleasure points: the erogenous zones in women

For example, a woman's body is a mystery: He wants to be explored. We explain erogenous zones in women and provide you with different itineraries with spectacular highlights. There are..

Body Awareness: Healthy schnitzel and salad

What you need to do in order not to unnecessarily burden your body and how to calm your supposedly guilty What does a cutlet healthy? For example, a Wiener Schnitzel..

Sperm are poor in old age

Also in men's biological clock is ticking: The chances of a child taking his mid-thirties rapidly. Cause: damage to the genetic material of the sperm increase with age. That men..

Male models: Part-time model?

Question: I would like to casually casual work as a model. How do I get an audition? Thomas Puls, Berlin Who plays in modeling the idea, should make representations to..

Do not Miss! Berlin showroom in Paris

For the fourth Berlin Showroom Men's Spring / Summer 2016 in Paris Fashion Director Yilmaz Aktepe staged an editorial under the evocative title "Twist in my Sobriety" Berlin Showroom: Twist..

Reduced martial arts: martial art Wing Chun

The Chinese martial arts strengthens the ability to react to react quickly in an attack What is it about the Wing Chun? "Wing Chun is reduced to the essentials martial..

Arms: Dips with push-up handles

Muscles: triceps, elbow extensors Performing dips with push-handles: put on a chest or a chair A. handles. Grasp, back to the body. The heels also increases lean. Arms straighten, keeping..

3-day beard: So the beard styling seems cool & amp; groomed

3-day beards are trendy and even office-friendly. If they are maintained properly. That's how it's done In this article: Mark of a three-day beard The trimmer - the most important..

Olympic Workout: Roman Sebrle, decathlete, Czech Republic

His greatest successes: Olympic silver medalist, only athlete over 9000 points "The decathlon is the supreme discipline in athletics. The two days competition take me so much that I can..

Survival Tips: How do you survive the Sahara

Learn why a pot, a stone and a piece of foil could save your life First the good news: In the dry desert climate does the Schwitzmechanismus skin perfectly normally...

Climber – beginners exercise workout Tabata (4×4 Fatburning formula Part 4)

give everything, that's the motto at the Tabata training. This workout burns your fat reserves remaining in just 16 minutes a day. The climber as entry-level exercise works your torso...

Paralympics Basketball: Thomas Böhme stay tuned

Basketballer Thomas Böhme is in a wheelchair but hits the basket anyway with a playful ease. His training tips  Thomas Böhme 21 years old, 1.65 meters tall, 53 kilos Discipline:..

Kiss Lessons: 4th belly Kiss

So you stimulate the female fantasies. The Kiss around the navel is underestimated. Although he does not stimulate any region that has so far been neglected by science, but he..

Well stocked: What position Long penis?

Question: Mother Nature has equipped me very well. What position the penetration of a woman's best to cope? Arndt Plausen, by e-mail With a larger than average penis primarily a..

reduce body fat: So the six-pack is finally visible

Above all, your body fat percentage will decide how well your six-pack is visible. Unfortunately, much punditry circulating about it. Our experts acknowledge so on Everyone has different tips when..

Penis Maintenance: From care measures to look under the hood

Regular maintenance of the penis guarantees a nearly unlimited lifetime of pleasure engine Daily care measuresThese include the following: daily retract the foreskin and wash the glans, the only way..

Download: ironing aids in the test

On the subject "Iron" falls you only Mamas good old iron one? Wrong: We have no less than six different devices tested for you From now is a once and..

Side effects Beta blockers: Beta-blockers block the removal?

Question: My doctor prescribed me beta-blockers. Is it true that you lose weight by this antihypertensives heavier? Dirk M., Jever Antihypertensives can be a hindrance when trying to lose weight..

BBQ in the park barbecue rules for public spaces

What you need to consider when grilling in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Dresden and Frankfurt The sun is shining, in the parks, it smells of flowers and..

Blood: HIV testing on blood test?

Question: Is actually done at the same time an HIV test at each blood sample?Rudolf H., via e-mail An HIV test is not part of a routine blood test ©..

Folding instructions: Clutch – Pufffaltung and American fold

With Pochettes it can be vary good, why not fold American? Clutch - Pufffaltung Same technique as in the Bausch variant, except that the tissue with the tips is inserted..

Can-Am Spyder F3-T in the practical test

Can three wheels make as much fun as 2? We let's it a try on it and the new Can-Am on Spain's serpentine tested in practice Spyder F3-T Any intelligent..

Drinking: Beer or wine?

Question: So what is healthier: Beer or wine?John R., Rostock Whether wine is healthier than beer, argue about the experts © iStockphoto Our answer: Since the experts are still arguing...

Adventure Hungry: Food in the wild

Your stomach is empty - your backpack, it is a long time. No panic! The wilderness can starve anybody! Learn what you can eat everything in nature that way. Worms:..

fulfilling sex life

© Galina Tcivina / Shutterstock.com A fulfilling sex life can crackle it really in the relationship. It helps that the relationship is perfect. But what exactly makes a fulfilling sex..

Top 11 TV series, which you can not miss in 2017

At these 11 series and TV highlights for 2017 is no way around. Whether action, crime or science fiction: We have for everyone (men's) taste the appropriate TV or streaming..

Action in bed: how to live your sexual fantasies of finally

Your FANTASIES provide more action in the bedroom. Your sweetheart is the star, You're the director. Action! FANTASIES vs. Everyday life: Exciting sight in the morning At last Saturday! You..

enjoying percent free: The coolest cocktails without alcohol

That the alcohol may be absent quiet times, prove these delicious mixed drinks Sportif: Long Distance Runner Ingredients: 6 cl pineapple juice 1 cl passion fruit syrup Juice of half..

Puree, french fries & amp; Co.: Clever Potato Recipes

Potatoes - a fattening foods? Probably a healthy filling foods that should land on your plate more often. Here are our best potato recipes "Irmgard, Linda, Hella, fixed or mealy..

The perfect calf training for muscular legs

No more stork legs! We show how, and especially why you should bring your calves in top form - including training for the studio and at home Male calves can..

The BBQ Brothers grilling corn on the cob

The BBQ Brothers grilling corn on the cob more on the subject are now&# 039; s what the spoon! A man stew: Our hearty soup and stew recipes you can..

Because tattoo check the Internet: CT despite tattoos?

Question: Is it true that you may be tested because of a tattoo not by computer tomography (CT)? Supposedly it an explosive mixture. Michael K., Waldenburg Despite tattoo in the..

quot trailer for the action movie &; quot The Raid 2;

Trailer for the action movie "The Raid 2" more on the subject This Halloween movies bring the horror to your home Halloween Movies: the one man's meat is another man's..

These five strength exercises should dominate every man

Already five strength exercises and movements enough to stay fit as a man anywhere, anytime, to become stronger and take off. We reveal how to get started with the training..

Pappsatt & amp; healthy: Fiber-rich salad ingredients

Fiber take long enough and keep digestion in top shape. Spice up your salads therefore with this high-fiber salad ingredients on Salad ingredients with lots of fiber: sugar snap Snow..

Stress Killer: Sexy Pics kill Stress

You do not have sex necessarily to come down. According to the study watching beautiful women is enough to halve his stress levels Whoever finds this bombshell exciting, will be..

Quickly lose weight: weight loss better without meat?

Question: I take off faster by I renounce completely on meat? Reinhold C., Leverkusen To lose weight, do not have to give up meat. is relevant only negative energy balance..

earn money with relish

How to make the good look of your friend to money? Five clean tips They are not rich, but their sweetness is sexy. And would like to earn money. "But..

Grill review: gas grill Santos Duo

Tim checks whether the gas grill Santos duo with his two cooking chambers keeps its promise more on the subject These supplements make each steak competition BBQ side dishes are..

Anti-Aging: Helping sperm to long life?

The spermidine contained in semen promises help in the fight against aging A liquid contained in semen can potentially help repair damaged cells and thus keep young. The substance spermidine..

Woolrich – a hot story

Woolrich - somehow sounds like wool. But wool, that was yesterday, functional and high-tech are the keywords of today. Because those are the strengths with which the label has made..

Endurance training: When does fat burning?

Question: Really burns fat only after 30 minutes of aerobic exercise? Steffen K., Cologne The fat burning begins as soon as you move your muscles © Shutterstock Our answer: Moritz..

V Shape: Faster T-Body

Wide shoulders are the prerequisite for a V-shaped upper body. Our fitness check indicates how well your trapezius is already developed is This time in muscle MOT: trapezius & Co...

I have bad breath? 7 Tips to bad breath

Bad breath is unpleasant, often persistent and almost affects every once in a lifetime. Our self-test and these foods and tips to help against bad breath So a weekend can..

Ejaculate: Blood in the semen?

Question: In my sperm I discovered blood. Am I ill? Benjamin G., Pforzheim Small amounts of blood in the semen usually have no significance © iStock Our answer: Calm down!..

MensHealth.de Erotic: Best of nude photography

12 years Men's Health: The best-of-erotic gallery plus a lot of new sparkling nude photographs Signal 1 - She has a hobby How good is the woman in bed? 13..

Affair despite marriage: Unhappy husbands go foreign

If it krieselt in marriage, men prefer comfort with an affair, instead of solving the problems at home Unhappily married men seem to go like a stranger. Then at least..

Men and Easter: Want What do you know about bunny costumes

What men from Easter maintain and further findings at Easter Proportion of men who know why we celebrate Easter: 9 of 10 Percent of men who go Easter in the..

Sexual Preference: 11 crazy things stand on the men during sex

What are the weirdest preference, turn on the men in bed? We asked women, here are the 11 strangest men's habits during sex No matter how well you think you..

Outdoor Brunch: Tips for a successful picnic

Getting what foods crisp, cool and delicious picnic in the countryside, we tell you here What to take? "Ideal are things that you do not necessarily cool throughout"Advises author Cornelia..

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