Women assess the attractiveness of a man apparently in his penis length. Small consolation: Broad shoulders also go down well

A long penis apparently has distinct advantages in the world of women. According to the latest study by the Canadian University of Ottawa judge men with extra long penis that is on average more attractive than their colleagues who have come too short at a critical point.

105 young Australians were asked to look different men. Here it was computer-animated images of the same man that varied only in size, body shape and penis length (flaccid state). The result: The well-Tipped were way ahead with the ladies.

Good news, however, all bad equipped and rather small men: In addition to body and penis size, it was more important to respondents that the body shape is right. Broad shoulders and narrow hips thus win against size and penis length.

The reason for the preference of women see the researchers in the evolution of man. Apparently a long penis for many is a sign that they could bear witness to healthy children with this man.

Apropos: More interesting facts around best piece's in our penis Dossier.

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