Makes Schmusepop the philistines? The iPod playlist reveals apparently a lot about a person's character

Do you have the same taste in music as your sweetheart? For this, you may realize how good they both match. Scientists at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki have found that the musical tastes testify a lot about a person's character. So rock listeners are more rebellious and have a strong social conscience, pop music, however, can be rather close to conformity. And jazz fans complicated his accordingly.

Researchers interviewed more than 600 students of musical tastes, social values ​​and political orientation. Characteristics and cultural differences were also taken into account. So there are five typical music preferences:

  • Challenging or complicated, such as Jazz
  • Popular, traditional, such as pop
  • sentimental or sensational as Pop
  • Established rebellious, such as rock
  • Anti-mainstream dissonant, such as Punk

Result of the study: Pop fans are particularly sensitive and punks like to swim against the tide; Fans of folk music are traditionally predisposed to study leader Alexandros Baltzis.


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