You still eat bread for breakfast? Then you should quickly move to oatmeal. Here are six darn good reasons why oats are regularly on your diet

1. Oatmeal slim

100 Gamm oatmeal have 353 calories - so they do not just belong to the low-calorie foods. Nevertheless, they effectively help to remain permanently slim: Thanks to its high content of healthy, unsaturated fatty acids and its high magnesium content they promote fat burning. 

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Oatmeal can be enjoyed hot or cold as porridge2/7

Oatmeal can be enjoyed hot or cold as porridge

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2. Long enough thanks oatmeal

Because of the long-chain carbohydrates and dietary fiber contained Halferflocken last full. Cravings is after a meal of oatmeal therefore no longer an issue. 

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Oatmeal contains a lot of vitamins and minerals3/7

Oatmeal contains a lot of vitamins and minerals

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3. Sporting achieve top performance with oatmeal

Oatmeal are excellent sources of energy. Eat them two to three hours before competitions, they provide energy without end. The whole-grain product contains the all-important for athletes fiber, quality proteins, metabolism supporting B vitamins and minerals in abundance. In addition, this power combination for a strong immune system and an optimally regulated blood sugar provides.

in Komibination with milk protein of the oatmeal is even higher quality4/7

in Komibination with milk protein of the oatmeal is even higher quality

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4. use oatmeal as a vegetable protein source

Oatmeal is also a good source of vegetable protein: A serving of oatmeal (50 grams) provides 7.5 grams of protein. Komibinieren various protein sources with each other - so, for example, Oatmeal with milk, yogurt or cottage cheese - then the biological value increased. This means that protein is high quality and can be better converted by the body into body protein. 

Oatmeal also smoothies can prepare5/7

Oatmeal also smoothies can prepare

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Grain Power: Oatmeal:
5. Look good with oatmeal

Healthy hair, clear skin and strong nails: Since oats are rich in B vitamins and trace elements such as copper, manganese and zinc, you can already condemned for breakfast do much for your appearance. Already 40 grams of oatmeal a day also covers 90 percent of the daily requirement of manganese and 20 percent of your daily requirement of copper and zinc.

Cooked oatmeal are more digestible6/7

Cooked oatmeal are more digestible

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6. Oatmeal against gastrointestinal complaints

In naturopathy oatmeal are a proven tool in gastrointestinal complaints. The indigestible fiber form on the gastric and intestinal mucosa, a protective layer and so maintain the acidic gastric juice of the mucosa away. Regular consumption prevents gastrointestinal complaints before long, for acute complaints helps a porridge (boiled in water or milk, according to taste with salt and / or a little sugar lightly seasoned) to stimulate the digestive again.

This makes oatmeal as healthy

Dr. Biceps in the video:
This makes oatmeal as healthy

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