On the way to the perfect V-shape? In the video, personal trainer Moritz Klatten is the most effective exercise for the upper back

Wide Cross and strong shoulders - a distinctive V-shape perfected your best. To get there, you need to have strong muscles in the upper back. The most effective exercise for this: pull-ups on rings, because: "If you hang on the flexible rings, held at the stable bar, a lot more muscle fibers need to be activated than normal chin to stabilize the shoulder area," explains Kraft coach Moritz Klatten ,

Pull-ups on rings you access them in parallel handle and pull your own body weight up with bent arms. "To bring a little variety in addition to the chin-up training, you can handle the position changes," says Klatten. Catch this below in pronated grip (palms facing in the viewing direction) and turn the hands in the rings on the way up into the supinated position (palms facing toward the body).