Get fit like the football professionals - with our training upper body and your leg muscles

"A football player has to be physically fit as a fiddle"Says Dennis Zimmermann (28) Quarterback (passer) from the German football champions Braunschweig Lions. "Football is a full contact sport where you have to take a lot - it can quickly lead to injury." Especially breast, shoulder and back muscles have to be marked to the tough tackling - to survive and Rempel- Umreißattacken the enemy unharmed. "You can compare this with what happened a boxer. The blows that you get, you have to put away"Says the quarterback.

The legs must be well trained to remain steadfast during an attack. On the way to the point of success the psyche plays a role: "We must not lose their cool from onrushing opponents"Says Zimmermann. Do qualities and perseverance, but also serenity - these are three important attributes of a football player, which you can also benefit in other team sports, whether in handball, basketball or football.

If you no one can stop thanks to a proper charge power in the upper body and legs, you are automatically more dangerous for the opponent and play successful. Well-trained torso muscles on top of that benefit your posture can prevent back problems, and provide a good basic stability in sports. You see: The training of the upper body and leg muscles will take in any case, in any sport forward. So there are no excuses - are best placed equal go!

Four main plans for success

Full program
Go to warm up for ten minutes on the elliptical machine to warm up your shoulders and arms sufficient. Alternatively, it is also doing the treadmill followed Arm Circles. pausing one minute between exercises. Go to cool down for five minutes on the treadmill and trot you loose. The best results when you complete the workout thrice a week. Between workouts, you should pause one day

Width shoulders unit
Five minutes on the treadmill, then even one minute before and arms circulate back. This is followed by a sequence consisting of the exercises 2, 4, 7 and 8. FIG. In each exercise do 15 reps. Between exercises is one minute break. Overall, you should spend three sequences between the sequences set
three-minute break one. Hide that not enough for you? Just hang another sequence tuned!

Chin combo
Ideal for the back, shoulders and arms. For Warmmachen's go for five minutes on the treadmill. then limit yourself to the exercises 1 and 6. Make both exercises depending füngmal alternately. In this case, each satisfy six replicates per set. Between sets, you should give your body two minutes break for rest. Vary in each set the grip position: Grasp the bar a little bit close, sometimes a little further.

Fast number
You have little time? Then you do not give up a well-shaped upper body still. This interval training will take only 15 minutes to your dream figure. First, warm up three minutes on the stationary bike. After that complete all eight exercises for one minute each. Between exercises make 30 second rest. Finally, you go for a minute to cool down on the treadmill - there goes your workout!

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