Sugar and flour you will not find in our protein pancakes. The were in fact exchanged for Sixpack-grade ingredients like oatmeal and low-fat quark

At the sight of golden brown, fluffy pancakes - preferably doused with syrup or chocolate sauce - certainly runs you the mouth water. The catch: The small breakfast cakes thanks white flour, sugar and additional toppings, such as sauces, real calorie bombs and anything but healthy. But there is good news for all Naschkatz ... uh Naschkater who pay strict attention to your diet and to ban sweets. Flour and Co. can be in protein pancakes namely without any problems by protein powders and healthy, natural ingredients replace - but the flavor remains, I promise!

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Thus the Kalorienbombe turned quickly to correct protein-bomb. Of course, you can simply add a Baking mix for Protein Pancakes buy - this is super easy and saves time. Unfortunately, the products are not really cheap, and often there are flavors and sweeteners found in the list of ingredients, but to your body can also do without. Do you prefer clean and stick to natural ingredients - so you know exactly what you eat or what's inside right in your protein pancakes. So the mood for homemade, high-protein pancakes made from natural ingredients?

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We put our three best recipes for protein pancakes - both with and without protein powder - above:

1. recipe for Protein Pancakes WITHOUT Whey

50 g delicate oatmeal
200 g skimmed quark
1 egg
1 pinch of cinnamon
Oil for frying
Optional: similar dash of milk, fruits, desiccated coconut

1. Enter the oatmeal and cottage cheese in a blender. You can then add a little cinnamon and the egg.
Second Mix all ingredients until a homogeneous mass. If the dough is still something to be fixed, add a splash of milk.
Third Fill the dough into a bowl.
4th Depending on how big your pan, you can now bake a large or two smaller Pancakes evenly. You can garnish with various fruits or rasps addition to taste your pancakes.

2. recipe for Protein Pancakes WITH Whey

4 egg whites
30 g Whey (e.g., vanilla flavor)
50 g Magerquark
Oil for frying

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1. Whisk all ingredients by hand or use a blender. It is an even mass produced.
Second Then place the dough in a pan and bake heat it evenly on both sides.

Editor's third favorite recipe: Protein Pancakes with banana (and whey)

1 ripe banana
2 eggs
15 g Whey (preferably with vanilla flavor)
desiccated coconut
Oil for frying
Optional: Splash of milk, fresh fruit

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1. Mash the banana in a bowl. Tip: If you want to play it safe, that no lumps remain, then pick up rather to the mixer.
2. Then enter the Whey and the eggs and stir / you mix everything through well until a smooth dough. Should the dough be relatively tight, you can fall back on a splash of milk.
3. Enter some dough in a hot pan and sprinkle some grated coconut over the bar. Once the dough is firm and the lower side is light brown, you can turn your pancake.
4. If necessary, you can spice up the finished protein Pancake concludes with additional grated coconut and / or fresh fruit.

A little more inspiration for delicious egg pancake recipes complacent? You may have!

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