During Beard's trend again, remains popular untenrum the free area. Men with Pubic hair are considered clean and sexy. Find out which methods and styling are available and how to prevent skin irritations

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Men should shave the genital area at all?

According to a study by the University of Leipzig, 88 percent of women and 67 percent of men trim their pubic hair regularly. But why? The fact is, your evolutionary sense has lost lengthens the hair of our genitals. It is a relic of the past like the appendix or wisdom teeth.

Originally, the pubic hair served as a visible sign of sexual maturity, fragrances distributed (pheromones) from the surrounding gland to signal readiness to mate and protected the private parts against pathogens. But improved by our personal hygiene and wearing clothes pubic hair have lost their jobs today largely. So there is in principle no objection to a shaven. For many men and women, shaving the pubic hair is now one so self-evident for the daily care such as showering and washing hair - the bare intimate zone has become especially in younger a mass phenomenon.

Researchers at the University of Leipzig justify this development with the nudity in the media, the trend of tight swimwear and the general increase in acceptance of porn films and their staging of the intimate zone. Celebrities like model Mirja Du Mont profess publicly to clear-cutting and coin phrases like: "The shorter the hedge, the greater the house." That means: A shaved genital area can make the penis look bigger. However, anyone who picks up the razor, also know about the dangers of shaven decision: When removing the pubic hair small injuries can occur that open pathogens floodgates. This can result in painful genital warts on the penis, urethra or the anus, the worst spread throughout the genital area.

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How to prepare the first Pubic Hair?

"In principle, it does not make much difference if you want to get rid of his beard or pubic hair. In preparation you have good skin and hair soaked with shaving cream. may shorten the first time the long pubic hair with scissors before, "says Frank Schäfer, hairdresser and former pubic hair hairdresser, Haarschneiderei Berlin. Then go with a razor carefully to work, says Schäfer. The safest are barred blades. The only difference: Do not use aftershave or similar - it would burn like hell! In contrast, a fatty cream has soothing effect.

In the first shaven smallest cuts and pimples are the way inevitable. After the third or fourth time, the skin but used to it and everything runs smoothly. At the beginning you should pubic hair no more than once a week lop, so that the skin in between to recover. Of course you can also access to the electric shaver. However, this can be quite uncomfortable, especially at the seam of the scrotum. Who involves shaving in sex with foam has anyway a lot more fun. Especially since it is better shaved definitely when the penis is erect something - because that also the skin of the scrotum is fixed. And the limp, the greater the risk of getting cut in a fold of skin.

6 steps to a perfect shaven

For each type, there is the perfect method of shaving - © Shutterstock

Ouch! When Shave lot can go wrong. With our step-by-step guide all goes well with you:

1. Pre-Shave: Stub your sprawl and long hair down to Millimetermaß. Otherwise clog the razor blades of the wet razor and edit your skin into a bloody battlefield.

SecondClean: Wash the places you want to shave. It can otherwise dirt or germs to penetrate the skin and can lead to inflammation. 

ThirdWarm-up: You should not before but tackle during or after hot showers hair removal ideally. They just do not want to shower? Then do as the Cowboys at the barber: Take a hot washcloth and place it on the hair to be shaved game. Heat dilates the blood vessels. The pores of your skin open up the hair follicles become more elastic and the hair are easier to shave. they prevent skin irritation.

4. Tighten: Pull the skin to be shaved spot with his free hand tight. Then proceed with the razor in the other hand carefully over the place - best in hair growth. Shaving against the grain, although thorough, but can cause redness in sensitive areas such as the groin area. If it is absolutely necessary, you shave then again transversely to the direction of hair growth. Wash off shaving cream with warm water.

5. cool:Rinse the shaved areas with cold water, so that the blood vessels close again - this also reduces the leakage of blood, should you have led the razor with too much pressure and have suffered a cut. For wimps: You ointments in with a cooling aloe vera cream.

6thSupple tightening: A moisturizer makes your skin nice and smooth and therefore is not negligible. Tea tree oil has antibacterial, incidentally. Try to refrain from skintight underwear after shaving. Not only for the moisture ointment actually putting cream on your skin and not your rib-letter supple, but rather to prevent irritation to the skin by rubbing fabric. Create a boxer shorts, a light shirt or equal to none of them.

What methods are there?

Shaving ensure that, when shaven good service - © Hirurg / Shutterstock

Wet shaving is not the only way to get rid of annoying Intimate. We have collected the best alternatives for you: 

  • You can trim your pubic hair with a dry shaver remain hair root inflammation from. No-Go: use the shaver for the face and below.
  • Problem shaving, whether wet or dry: She keeps a few days since the hair roots remain untouched. The situation is different in the epilation by epilator or wax. This method of hair removal, the hair is removed, including roots. Which holds up to 4 weeks. Disadvantage: The hair removal is much more painful. And certain parts of the male genital area as the testicles are not suitable for growing.
  • Even longer smooth and beautiful than epilation remains the genital area in thePubic hair-obliteration. Laser or pulsed light hair are deserted and fall off after a few days. The effect lasts up to several years. Disadvantage: Sclerotherapy is the most expensive of the shaven methods. You have to take ten sessions with a specialist to complete, mainly your wallet cause pain with 80 to 120 euros per session.
  • Cheaper and above all without pain is the use of depilatory cream. However, you should try out only on a small part of the body due to the possible risk of contact allergy, the cream. "Once this is done, a treatment over a larger area can be started. It remains to be noted that an incompatibility may possibly occur even later," so dermatologist Dr. Beuschel from Bavaria.

Shave and pubic hair styling: the bare madness
Shave and pubic hair styling: the bare madness
33 pictures
© Shutterstock

What stylings are possible?

Not only on the head, even in the genital area many intimate haircuts are possible. The trends here are changing constantly as with other beauty phenomenon. The most popular is currently the complete shaving, in which the entire pubic hair is removed. Alternatively, you can leave out clipped Pubic hair and a narrow strip, known as Landing Strip, or a small triangle. Your partner might pleased with a little surprise in the form of a Herzchens. to shape this intimate hair from the pubic hair, but requires some practice. A template can be useful here. If this is too complicated, which shortens his pubic hair only insofar as one that they do not not laterally out from the overgrown slip or swimsuit. Tip: Those who are brave or trend-conscious connect your intimate styling with a fashionable tattoo or a piercing in the genital area.

How to fight skin irritations?

Annoying side effects of Shave are small pimples, injuries from cuts and burning, itchy skin. However, with proper care you get this very easy to handle: Always use a sharp blade, as a blunt tool easily leads to abrasions. Who sensitive, irritated or dry skin, you should always use a mild shaving gel or shaving cream in the shaven. After shaving, jojoba oil or baby powder soothe stressed skin. In inflammation or redness ointment can remedy with dexpanthenol. Have you after the shaven pain, rashes or form large-scale infections, you should consult a doctor and let the shaven rest for now.

Shave: fad or must-have?

Currently, "untenrum" announced cutbacks, which Bush has (for now) break. But what many do not know: The shaven is not an invention of modern times. Already for the ancient Egyptians the hairless body was considered a beauty ideal and also in ancient Greece and Rome, the pubic hair removal was very popular. We have since the 90s back in fashion, to trim the pubic hair - in both men and women. By the way: The concern of shaved private parts could arouse associations with naked children, is unfounded. "This kind of personal hygiene has nothing pedophile in itself," says Professor Norbert Kluge, sexologist at the University of Koblenz-Landau. So if you want to grab even to the shaver is entirely up to you. Because with the shaven it behaves like any other trend - whether we want to follow him, each individual is left to himself.

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