Potatoes - a fattening foods? Probably a healthy filling foods that should land on your plate more often. Here are our best potato recipes

"Irmgard, Linda, Hella, fixed or mealy - in potatoes I always understand the station. What's this - the taste is not all the same, for potato halt?" Nope! World's 4,000 potato varieties in this country at least 120. Depending on the starch content, there are three groups:

1. Floury potatoes 
(Such as auditorium, Datura, Irmgard and Maritta) contain comparatively much strength and little liquid. They disintegrate almost completely when cooked, are for pureeing and baking ideal.

2. Hard waxy potatoes
For French fries, roasted and boiled potatoes are predominantly waxy varieties like Gloria, granola, Hella and Saskia preferred.

3. Very waxy potatoes
An even smaller starch content, but much fluid is characteristic of waxy potatoes. Varieties like Hansa, Nicola and Sieglinde are ideal for salads and for frying, cooking and steaming.

Each variety has its own flavor. Try your way through the potato boxes, find your favorite.

Take the purchase of each tuber under the microscope. Fresh potatoes are firm, they have a smooth skin and a uniform color. mean holes and dark spots inferior quality. Potatoes that feel like rubber belong in the bin, not in the pot.

TIP: Eat with or without peel?
concerning nutrients the difference is small, although healthy shares also sit directly under the shell. Gourmets like to especially enjoy potatoes completely. But be careful! Only organic products are free of pesticides, which are often detected on the shell of conventionally grown potatoes. Wash you should also organic potatoes though.

And the "eyes" - you can also eat with them?
Both eyes as seeds also contain solanine. This toxic substance is not neutralized by cooking. Remove these eyes it on scraping in potatoes after cooking.

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