Above all, your body fat percentage will decide how well your six-pack is visible. Unfortunately, much punditry circulating about it. Our experts acknowledge so on

Everyone has different tips when it comes to reduce body fat and expose the abdominal muscles below the last layer of fat. Apparently, many roads lead to Sixpack - therefore equal to 3 strong experts answer here the 22 most important washboard questions:

  • Professor Stephan Geisler lectures in on the IS-Sport University in Dusseldorf (Here's his lectures as video)
  • Personal trainer and strength coach Daniel Knebel trained in Wuppertal Olympians and other pro athletes
  • Doctor Moritz Tellmann is not only physicians, but also Men's Health cover model
In this article:
  • At what body fat percentage you can see the six-pack?
  • How much body fat is too much - and why?
  • Which body fat types are there?
  • What percentage of body fat on the health states?
  • Which method measures the fat most accurate?
  • Like the BIA actually work?
  • Are Body Fat Scales generally useless?
  • Does it make sense to measure the body fat with pliers?
  • Can little body fat to be healthy in the long run?
  • What is the ideal body fat percentage?
  • Do I have low carb eating to reduce body fat?
  • Fat has anything to do with body fat?
  • Force or cardio - what kind of exercise reduces body fat percentage?
  • Reps high, body fat percentage down - right?
  • What are the best fat burning foods?
  • Which supplements reduce body fat?
  • What exercises fuel the fat burning?
  • Can I simultaneously build muscle and reduce body fat percentage?
  • How affect sleep and stress the body fat percentage?
  • How to still lose fat fast at the last minute?

At what body fat percentage you can see the six-pack?

Doctor Moritz Tellmann: "There are quite a few scientists who claim that this is over 10 percent body fat that way. However, the variability is enormous about to say, depending on which type you are, will emerge abdominals at you if your body fat of between 6 and 15 percent. It also depends on the distribution of fat in the body and to the question of where nature has placed the fat deposits to you. If you are more of hüftbetonte type, may well at a body fat percentage (short: KFA) of 15 percent a crisp six-pack to be visible. However, the majority of men one clearly abdominal type, so for example, 8 percent and a total of 12 percent KFA the 4 percent difference are fully find on the belly in a KFA of the lower extremities of. Then the six-pack is hidden despite an overall lean appearance."

How much body fat is too much - and why?

Coach Daniel Knebel: "If you are older than 30 years, too much can increase the risk of body fat a whole range of health problems. These include hypertension and cardiovascular disease, as well as osteoarthritis, diabetes and cancer. Too much statistical data indicate that 25 percent means the men and 30 percent among women. However, I personally think that 20 per cent among men and 25 percent among women is just too much."

Professor Stephan Geisler: "In men, the following applies: With more than 17 percent see no longer fit in, with over 20 percent, it is also a health problem. Too large fat mass can provide all sorts of trouble in the body. For instance, fat, particularly visceral visceral fat, complicit in premature vascular disease, can lead to heart attack and stroke."

Doctor Moritz Tellmann: "The demarcation to increased body fat percentage is depending upon age, but it should already be below 20 percent, ideal would be even less than 15 percent. looks more not only less good, but is also evident in metabolic-physiological influences. Although the adipose tissue is a location for energy, but it is also endocrine. This means that it is highly active tissue hormone. Write Numerous studies adipose tissue to a proinflammatory effect. That is, since so-called adipokines that may inflame ultimately inflammation such as atherosclerosis form at least. In addition, fat is also called weight. This increases the burden, especially for all bearing surfaces, which include, for example, includes cartilage. incidentally, is extremely risky visceral, organ near fat, which can play a crucial role in cardiovascular disease because of its high vascular access."

Which body fat kinds are there? 

Professor Stephan Geisler: "A fundamental distinction between the subcutaneous tissue between the skin and muscle (subcutaneously) and the visceral fat (visceral) enveloping the internal organs. The former is not particularly beautiful, but the visceral fat is actually very dangerous. In addition, there is the so-called brown adipose tissue. This is intended primarily for energy production, but adults have it - unlike babies - only rudiments in the body."

reduce body fat: So the six-pack is finally visible
The body fat percentage alone tells little about the physical fitness of a person.

© Dusan Petkovic / Shutterstock.com

What percentage of body fat on the health states?

Professor Stephan Geisler: "Not so much as you might think at first. Depending on how one defines the term fitness, it even has anything to do with it. A very important aspect of fitness is ultimately the power capability. And? Have you ever seen such as the strongman participant or the strongest weightlifters in the world look like?"

Coach Daniel Knebel: "With a lower body fat you are basically healthier. Fat is in fact dead mass, one must endorse all physical movements. This leads to a number of disadvantages for athletes: Too much body fat affects the vertical jump, and sprint speed, it has a negative effect on changes of direction during braking and acceleration. With a low body fat percentage decreases the risk of injury beyond, intramuscular friction decreases the stamina improved rise and hormone levels, such as in the testosterone and growth hormone."

Doctor Moritz Tellmann: "There's not necessarily a linear correlation. So a person can be fit and fully trained with a high body fat percentage well, while there are on the other side lean and gaunt people with poor fitness. Basically means to be fit, of course, not only physically but also in terms of nutrition at the level of being. Latest in this area, one should ask with a significantly high percentage of body fat, where the problem lies - in the supply or the consumption? Ultimately, it's usually a combination. So who does something for his health, should remember that his body fat percentage decreases with wise lifestyle."

Which method measures the fat most accurate?

Professor Stephan Geisler: "The most accurate reference methods at all are the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and the hydro statistical underwater weighing. However, both measuring methods are rare and only used in medical facilities. The so-called dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry - abbreviated DEXA - and the ultrasonic method can certainly produce reliable results."

Coach Daniel Knebel: "The DEXA scan is the best method. A distinction bone, muscle and adipose tissue from one another. But it violates the X-regulation is not suitable for regular checks. I like to use the Kaliper, a special clamp meter. In some routine to get in order to exact results."

Doctor Moritz Tellmann: "Because DEXA is not for everyday use because of the radiation exposure, it is recommended to be performed while lying bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)."

Like the BIA actually work?

Professor Stephan Geisler: "It is based on the idea that fat mass has a different electrical resistance than organic matter. For the measurement is passed over a plurality of electrode current through the body. On the basis of the measured resistance can be calculated, by which the mass flow is over."

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Are Body Fat Scales generally useless?

Professor Stephan Geisler: "It all depends on the scale. Some may have more, others less. There are particular award-dependent differences in quality - a balance for just 30 euros from the electric market is certainly not among the most accurate."

Does it make sense to measure the body fat with pliers?

Coach Daniel Knebel: "Yes. But be warned Kaliper So-called plastic provide little useful results. A reasonable measuring clamp is made of steel. It has a scale that moves with the opening and closing of the blades. In the measurement, I take various skin folds respectively in the same manner and thus measure its thickness with the Kaliper. The values ​​I carry in connection into a computer software that determines from fat and lean mass. So each measurement takes only a few minutes and little equipment. When asked where one sets the pliers, the basic rule is that the more wrinkles you measure, the more accurate the results. I measure 12, namely: chin, cheek, chest, midaxillary line (between the iliac edge and armpit), Supraliac (on the iliac edge), Navel, quadriceps, knee, calf, subscapularis (at the medial edge of the scapula), triceps and gluteus" (See illustration below).

reduce body fat: So the six-pack is finally visible
At 12 measuring points Personal Trainer Daniel Knebel measures the thickness of the skin folds of his clients in the body fat measurement.

© Anna Rassadnikova / Shutterstock.com

Can little body fat to be healthy in the long run?

Doctor Moritz Tellmann: "Of course, because the action itself that contribute to a low body fat percentage, healthy are a lot of exercise, sports, sex, good sleep and healthy food. This of course only if the healthy lifestyle and a certain constancy. A constantly fluctuating body fat percentage for the organism that is in addition, means stress because this lack and abundance be fooled him again and again. Try so be sure to bring some balance to your life and do not or do not often fall if possible at least from one extreme to another."

What is the ideal body fat percentage? 

Coach Daniel Knebel: "In men, the ideal body fat percentage is, I believe, from 8 to 10 percent in women 12 to 15 percent. For professional athletes, the whole thing looks different - because the ideal body fat percentage is determined by the sport: In sprinters it should be between 5 and 8 percent, with bodybuilders in the competition phase between 3 and 5 percent and soccer players between 6 and 8 percent. But one thing always applies: The lowest healthy body fat percentage is 5 percent."

Professor Stephan Geisler: "For a man I recommend 10 to 15 percent, for a woman almost 20 percent body fat."

Doctor Moritz Tellmann: "Optimal for life expectancy and subjective well-being is a body fat percentage in men 6-15 percent in women aged between 10 and 20 percent. Too low a proportion usually makes far fewer problems than too high, as long as sufficient muscle to the heat production involved amended.2

The following table summarizes again the body fat recommendations from our experts:

Coach Men women
gag 8-10% 12-15%
Geisler 10-15% 20-25%
Telemann 6-15% 10-20%

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Do I have low carb eating to reduce body fat?

Coach Daniel Knebel: "No. Low Carb can work, but it does not. The hormonal situation Low Carb can a (greater) and even ill thick. Even a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet can thicken with very strong stress because the stress hormone cortisol mobilizes proteins from the muscles - that breaks down muscle - and, into the liver via gluconeogenesis into glucose, so sugar."

reduce body fat: So the six-pack is finally visible
To reduce body fat, you have to give up carbs? Not correct! Low Carb can even be thicker.

© iko / Shutterstock.com

Fat has anything to do with body fat?

Doctor Moritz Tellmann: "Sure, of course! Chemically, it is the same. But feed fat does not automatically mean also to be bold. The myth that makes you fat fat is long outdated. What body fat but actually increased, is the combination of sugar and unhealthy fat. Then the undistributed insulin shipped the dietary fat that is now in the memory. A healthy fat intake consists of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. About 1 to 1.5 grams of fat per kilogram of body weight per day are optimal. Tip: 30 percent oil, 30 percent of rapeseed oil and 40 percent fat intake by nuts and oily fish."

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Force or cardio - which lowers the body fat percentage?

Professor Stephan Geisler: "With a combination of both types of training to go straight - that many studies show."

Coach Daniel Knebel: "Both methods have the potential to reduce body fat depending on the version. For this reason, you should combine a cardio and strength training necessarily together. Strength training increases muscle mass and so the basal metabolic rate. With certain methods -so about 2 basic exercises, one each 10 sets of 10 repetitions and 1 minute set break - you stimulate the production of growth hormone and testosterone. In the endurance segment are driving games or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with constant change between intensive load and short rest most effective. Jogging or walking alone has no direct influence on the body fat percentage."

Doctor Moritz Tellmann: "Ultimately, the combination of both. If I had to choose a way that would clearly strength training. Although the measured power consumption during a single unit, there is lower, but the long-term effect is considerably larger - the extra amount of muscle mass, the resulting increased basal metabolic rate, the hormonally active muscles and a possible after burn. My tip for you: 45 to 60 minutes of strength training, combined with a 15 minute high intensity interval training, which is working fine."

Which cardio burns a lot of fat?

Coach Daniel Knebel: "The best are Sprint Intervals: warm up until 5 minutes, then sprint 40 seconds and for 2 minutes, slowly. From unit increase the number of sets to unity and shorten the rest between sprints to 90 seconds."

The training recommendations made today by Daniel Knebel again here in tabular form:

training session sentences Loading phase: Sprint recovery phase
1 and 2 6 40 seconds 2:00 minutes
3 and 4 7 40 seconds 1:45
5 and 6 8th 40 seconds 1:30 minutes
7 and 8 9 40 seconds 1:30 minutes
9 and 10 10 40 seconds 1:30 minutes

Reps high, body fat percentage down - right?

Professor Stephan Geisler: "Not necessarily. The reps did not really decide because you do not implement through more reps a lot more calories. Only if you are installing correspondingly shorter breaks, increase metabolic turnover and afterburning. Much more important than the form of training or the number of times by the way is the right diet."

What are the best fat burning foods?

Doctor Moritz Tellmann: "Coffee and green tea are top. Even more important is water. Not enough to drink is the metabolic brake number 1. Reason: The metabolism takes place in a liquid medium. Caffeine and phytochemicals in green tea can again give that extra boost to some extent, and especially before training but only combined with exercise. You should also banish anything that contains refined sugar so that the insulin levels remain as low as possible. You want to slow down your fat metabolism? Since a glass of cola enough."

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Which supplements reduce body fat?

Coach Daniel Knebel: "Green tea extract is great - the catechins contained have numerous positive effects on metabolism. The dose should be 200 to 750 milligrams per day. In addition, fish oil or omega-3 fatty acids reduce cortisol levels, and less stress hormones mean less and less body fat. Fish oil also reduces the heart attack and atherosclerosis risk. At best, it works in combination with cardiovascular and strength training. Take about 3 grams per day with meals. Also BCAA are recommended for fat loss. The essential amino acids help to increase muscle mass. In powder form, the body can absorb particularly well."

What exercises fuel the fat burning?

Coach Daniel Knebel: "Overall, it does not depend on individual exercises, but on the whole concept of training. However, there are exercises that efficiently reduce a convenient hormonal and metabolic adaptation body fat than others. These include squats, pull-ups, deadlifts, banking and neck press. Squat always prefer the deep version!"

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All exercises from the training schedule of the six-pack Challenge 2015
Squats especially appeal to large muscle groups and are therefore right fat burner.

© Christine Liebold

How the clean version:
A. With the barbell on his shoulders shoulder width standing erect, toes outward. 
B. Push butt back, bend knees slowly and controlled. The heel of the back stay on the ground, straight. As deep down as possible and then push up powerfully.

Can I simultaneously build muscle and reduce body fat percentage?

Doctor Moritz Tellmann: "Nothing easier than that. With a slight caloric deficit, much protein and hard strength training that is very possible. We ended up not talking about mass, but by building muscle. Means that on the scales a slight downward trend, but that muscle mass decreases your body fat. It is a myth that both does not work simultaneously. Actually physically impossible to build body mass and losing weight - that would be so forward as simultaneously and backwards."

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To improve your sleep quality
Also, poor sleep may be a reason for increased body fat.

© George Rudy / Shutterstock.com

How affect sleep and stress the body fat percentage?

Doctor Moritz Tellmann: "Poor or too little sleep over the long term means Verfettungsgefahr - not because you eat necessarily more, but because the regenerative hormones with fat-converting effect (growth hormone) can not act as they should. Also for muscle growth, sleep is extremely important and ultimately leads back to the fact that you consume more energy. Stress can be positive in the short term indeed produce effects on fat burning, because you consume this energy. But with long-term, uncompensated stress rise of cortisol and adrenaline and make the metabolism of muscle breakdown to. Many people compensate by eating too much. Cortisol counteracts the positive hormones testosterone and growth hormone, the regeneration remains on track. To even more frustration water retention can lead. Basically, all everyday factors that trigger stress, adverse effect on the stress cascade on the body fat percentage can - deadlines, fast food, strife, discontent, etc. Therefore Alltagsentschleunigung is the magic word here for more fat burning. Even poisons and so-called endocrine disruptors such as plasticizers are suspected to influence the metabolism and fat loss negative. are proved scientifically the connections but so far hardly."

What affects the body fat percentage else?

Doctor Moritz Tellmann: "But the day being, the movement in everyday life, the profession, the attitude towards body fat as well as the sex life can affect your body fat percentage. Of course there is also a genetic component, but is less common than many people think. In only about 10 percent of all cases of marked obesity, genetics may play a role. Probably it's more like making that genes not fat, but lazy. Medications such as antidepressants can also lead to more body fat. but they should not extreme focus on body fat. is much more important fact, a high percentage of muscle in the body. Which ensures the long run, even for less body fat."

Coach Daniel Knebel: "The distribution of body fat is influenced by hormones. For example, testosterone leads to a decentralization of the fat, so it breaks down the paunch. The stress hormone cortisol has exactly the opposite effect, leading to increased fat deposits on the anterior abdominal. Insulin ensures fat on the hips. If, however, increases in the calves the fat that indicates a lack of growth hormone. For women, a flat bottom and a big belly after menopause suggest that there is less estrogen and progesterone, but more testosterone and insulin are present. Before menopause thick thighs fronts based in women at higher estrogen levels. Hormonal problems like this can be investigated excellently and then on the factors diet, exercise and nutritional supplements improve quickly."

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reduce body fat: So the six-pack is finally visible
Anyone who wants to reduce the body fat percentage, should be on Coke & Co. without. At the booth arrived, the sugary drink brings the dehydrated body back muscle fullness.

© Igor Kireev / Shutterstock.com

How to still lose fat fast at the last minute?

Coach Daniel Knebel: "When time is scarce - for example, because you drive next week on vacation and reduce body fat maximum like - you pick with this last-minute approach the most of your form out: Eat 7 days before departure only vegetables, fruits , meat and fish and drink water or green tea. Eggs, dairy products and cereals swipe during this period. In addition, I recommend a colon cleansing and drainage. To cleanse the colon, type in the last days before the holiday simply in every meal 1 teaspoon coarsely ground flaxseed. To drain, drink daily for 5 consecutive days every 5 to 6 liters of water and take over meals more salt than usual to himself, best 3 times daily half a teaspoon. The day before you reduce the fluid intake onto the bare minimum, take no salt, more to himself - then force you to dehydrate the body. Also dandelion and nettle capsules help. then bring on the beach a glass of cola and a few fitness exercises volume and fullness to your muscles back quickly."

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