3000 years ago the Chinese loved the little brown mustard grains. In what medium hot mixture it today the Men's Health patronize testers, we tell you here

Seat 8:
Medium Hot Mustard Byodo

something unbalanced

The taste of mustard Byodo is unbalanced because our testers are unanimous. In addition, the mustard smells quite bitter, and the color is us too artificial yellow.

Conclusion of our testers: Unfortunately, this mustard not quite meet our taste.

Medium Hot Mustard Hengstenberg2/10

Medium Hot Mustard Hengstenberg

7th place:
Delikatess mustard medium hot Hengstenberg

Too much vinegar

Hengstberg may like to keep tinkering. Because this is the mustard titmouses of us something to sour.

Conclusion of our testers: In France mustard sauce is not considered, but as a condiment, so as a condiment or spice, told Michel Rinkert, chef of CARLS at the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg. This mustard but would also declare the French as a sauce - too watery.

Medium Hot Mustard Burkhardt3/10

Medium Hot Mustard Burkhardt

Seat 6:
Medium Hot Mustard Burkhardt

lack of seasoning

Traditionally, mustard from mustard seeds and grape (hence the name Most directional). Meanwhile, is often used instead of must vinegar and water. This mustard Burkhardt one thought it well to well with the vinegar: Its taste is too acidic us unfortunately and the smell also testifies to vinegar. Color and consistency are yellow and pleasantly creamy.

Conclusion of our testers: Spices are a must have mustard - here our testers asked for more.

Mustard agent of Löwensenf4/10

Mustard agent of Löwensenf

5th place:
Mustard agent of Löwensenf


Mustard should I eat red meat and white less, that veal or pork, white chef Michel Rinkert. "He should not act too powerful and support the taste only." The makers of Löwensenf took this into account seemingly too: The Mustard could be quite powerful. The smell is still pleasant, with a little sour note.

Conclusion of our testers: Boring, but quite edible.

Mustard agent of Seven Star5/10

Mustard agent of Seven Star

4th place:
Mustard agent of Seven Star

Classically mild

Before we make our own mustard - that would be incredibly expensive - we would rather take this mustard from Franconia, even if he "medium hot" not too closely increasing. The sweet and mild taste is pleasant and tasty.

Conclusion of our testers: Classically mild, almost sweet.

Medium Hot Mustard Develey6/10

Medium Hot Mustard Develey

Place 3:
Medium Hot Mustard Develey

Sour and spicy

Spicy-mild is on the label. We would have a very small "angry" Write it. Unfortunately a bit too watery.

Conclusion of our testers: Some sharpness is missing, but the spice is pleasant - delicious.

Mustard agent of Zwergenwiese7/10

Mustard agent of Zwergenwiese

Place 2:
Mustard agent of Zwergenwiese


Slightly hot and pleasant balance between mustard and vinegar. The smell is spicy and intense, the color slightly unnatural (neon yellow).

Conclusion of our testers: About this spice is bratwurst and steak happy.

Medium hot mustard from Bautzen8/10

Medium hot mustard from Bautzen

1st place:
Medium hot mustard from Bautzen

Intense, spicy, tasty

Intense, spicy, spicy - just leeecker. Odor: Pleasant spicy. Color: Beautiful yellow. Consistency: Delicious creamy.

Conclusion of our testers: Get on podium with the delicious spicy sharpness.

Riesling mustard Maier&# 039; s in the glass9/10

Riesling mustard Maier's in the glass

Out of competition:
Riesling mustard Maier's

Only medium mustard is too boring for you? We also tested creations with alcohol additive

Here we are still quite firmly in the saddle: Really outstanding this nutty-bitter taste is not, of sparkling wine rather no trace. but this is reflected in the smell - the alcohol tickles our mucous membranes.

Conclusion of our testers: The color suggests, that it is not subject to normal mustard. "At a hefty piece of meat this yellowish granular combination is certainly not wrong," as a tester.

Brutzelsauce beer mustard from Bautzen in the bottle10/10

Brutzelsauce beer mustard from Bautzen in the bottle

Out of competition!:
Brutzelsauce beer mustard from Bautzen

Here you can taste the beer abundantly clear through - shame because more mustard flavor we would have been pleased. Nevertheless, the combination is edible. l.

Conclusion of our testers: At a Glance: "Unusual."

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