What do you know about your sperm? Can you make it fresh, fast or delicious for your sweetheart? The most important facts about the quality of the seed

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The 16 most exciting facts about your sperm

Have you even thought about that your semen can say about you lot? Many factors determine the quality, taste, smell and of course its sparkle. It is time to devote to the source of our manhood something intense.

  • The sperm quantity is on average between 2 and 6 milliliters. Whether you produce more or less says nothing about the fertility.
  • The sperm production testicular it brings per second to about 1200 sperm. However, studies have shown that the average sperm production has declined steadily over the past decades. Thus, one ejaculate nowadays only a sperm density of about 66 million seeds while there were still more than 100 Mille few decades ago.
  • Only half of the sperm, which in itself ejaculate are, are fully articulated.
  • On sperm is not greater than 0.06 millimeters.
  • The nimble swimmers grow epididymis zoom and waiting to be used.
  • The first ejaculation takes place during adolescence 11-15 years. From this point on is a boy procreative.
  • Of the odor of semen is described very different, it ranges from white musk, about chestnut blossom to smell of the sea or chlorine.
  • Of the taste is usually described as nutty, salty or milky and, as the smell, be affected by flavor foods.
  • To ovum the woman's sperm travels a distance of about 15 centimeters.
  • A sperm is persevering. It survives in the cervix in the average score 5 to 7 days ago. Prerequisite, however, is that they get there. In the vagina sperm survive only a few hours.
  • The sperm quality unterleigt during the year cyclical fluctuations. Spanish researchers proved: In the spring, from March; both the total number of male gametes increases, as well as the movable, so child-bearing. In the autumn to September, the number drops again. "Spring fever" have so seemingly make sense in evolution: bring are the good quality of the people.
  • highest registered tempo ejaculation 17 km / h record distance 29.7 centimeters.
  • A portion of sperm has about 5 to 25 calories. Compared so much as a handful of chips.
  • Sperm have a rudimentary memory. The suspect Swiss researchers. Such sperm are abegbogen first to the left, turned off at the next intersection, turn right. The researchers also believe that the sperm in packs communicate. 
  • The amount of ejaculation a man in his whole life averages 50 to 70 liters.
  • After sterilization one ejaculate still comes Allerd "light"So without sperm.

Female hormones as a guide to the egg
Sperm do not work alone

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The eight largest sperm myths

  • The sperm struggles as a single fighter to the egg: No, the way through the uterus to the mature egg is done with the help of the body of your partner. The female hormone progesterone has sperm apparently targeted the way to the egg. the hormone in cells that surround the egg is produced. these cells release the sex hormone, so a study Bonner, the calcium content increased in the sperm, which the shot type and strength of the flagellum (the "seeds tail") Affected. In this way, the egg steer the sperm to their destination, the team of scientists to study leader Benjamin Kaupp from Forschungszentrum caesar (Center of Advanced European Studies and Research.
  • The laptop on lap harmful to sperm: This is not proven. Busy is just that, a notebook on her lap, the testicles einheizt strong - especially if the user while keeping the thighs closed. Men doctor Wolfgang Schulze of the University Hospital Hamburg rejects speculation that this could affect fertility ". Some researchers seem to have a lot of time and sometimes quite simply seeming fantasy" The least balance her laptop while working for hours every day on their feet. Since fertility is likely to fail from acute back pain. 
  • Sexual abstinence improves sperm quality: Until now it has advised generation willing couples to save the seed of the producer of the most fertile days of the woman. According to the motto: less is more. This is wrong, now claim Israeli scientists. For a study of Ben-Gurion University, they studied 7,000 sperm samples from 6,000 men. The result was amazing: After one to two days without sex semen quality decreases, the number of child-bearing sperm then decreases significantly. "Two days of abstinence make the sperm less mobile", According to the head of the research group, Elljahu Levitas.Laut current recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) should men abstain with procreation problems, at least two to seven days for sex before leaving investigate their sperm to abzuliefern.Doch the best possible quality, the new study speaks against , "A longer stay in the testes leads to some sperm seem to fatigue", Levitas said. Restraint für's Wunschkind is therefore not announced if one can believe the scientists.
  • Who masturbated frequently, which the semen comes from: Nothing but old wives' tale. Also with the 3000 surplus in the life of a man. Because unlike natural resources such as oil or coal, the male seed is not a scarce commodity. The body produces it from puberty until death constantly. The fear that once you run out of juice, so is unfounded. Not change too frequent ejaculations - whether with or without a partner - absolutely nothing. Especially since the sperm is only a small proportion of sperm. Vivien Marx writes in her "seeds book": "Sperm comes to about 50 to 70 percent of the seminal vesicles, to ten to 30 percent of the prostate, and about ten percent of the epididymis. Only one percent are sperm." However, the amount of the effusion is very individual. In addition, the period of sexual abstinence, the length of foreplay and psychological processes play an important role. Who detects a loss of ejaculation for a longer period for no apparent reason, should be examined once a doctor for safety.
  • Sauna ruined the sperm: Hot it gets in the sauna, yes. In the bathtub for that matter. There are no studies, however, whether including sperm quality leidet.Bedenkt you take the time the formation and maturation of sperm to complete, probably there is no serious risk. "The fertility Finnish men was at least until now not described as below average," the andrologist Professor Walter Krause of the University of Marburg. about for hours in excess of 45 degrees Celsius Sit hot tub? No? So do not panic!
  • Cell phone radiation kills sperm: Within the framework of two studies slower sperm were found in men who wore more often a cell phone in your pocket or on your belt with him. According to many experts, this is however no reason to sound the alarm. The researchers will present the results of the colleagues in question, as the researchers have a significant confounding factors such as smoking, not considered. The Hamburg Androloge Schulze doubts that the mobile phone is the testicles ever too close: "And even if this should be done once, the result is no greater threat to the reproductive health of the man."
  • Gasoline vapors harm the spermPetrol is lead-free for a long time. And so does the male fuel well, because lead is a cytotoxin, which not only harms the testicles.
  • If it does not splash, but runs what is wrong: Not correct."In an orgasm pulling alternately the inner and outer bladder muscle. The force of ejaculation depends on how often that happens and in what order", Bochum urologist explains Dr. Rainer Brinkmann. Different pressure conditions arise that cause sperm is shot out different. With the power that has nothing to do. The expert: "As with all body functions, there are individual and situational differences even during ejaculation."

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On your sperm eight

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What harm sperm quality?

  • Smoke: Who smokes, the number and concentration of sperm decrease. The sperm of smokers are slower and often changed morbid. Even the seminal - with 90 percent of the vast majority of the ejaculate, a total of 2 to 6 milliliters - suffers. Usually, it provides nutrients for sperm and makes it more nimble. No wonder that Professor Wolfgang Schulze, andrologist at the University Hospital Hamburg, first called the renunciation of fags to improve the quality of sperm. "Give up smoking increases the chance to father a child by 30 percent," he says.
  • Overweight: The quality of the sperm have a link with the body mass index, BMI for short. Below 1500 Danish conscripts Researchers at the University of Copenhagen found poorer Ejakulatwerte in subjects with BMI values ​​below 20 and 25th
  • The wrong diet: Individual foods and food components are suspected to affect sperm quality - especially soy and its plant estrogens. In large quantities are estrogens poison for the testicles. "Basically expected to influence of soy products on sperm cell formation," says Professor Walter Krause, andrologist at the University of Marburg. This negative effect is also confirmed by an Irish study by the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. Dr. Sheena Lewis advises less soy, if men have their sperm quality problems related. To remember it is that soy proteins have become mixed as cheaper meat substitute many foods, such as pizza and other prepared meals.
  • Sitting for long periods: Prolonged sitting in the car increases the testicular temperature. Whether the genuine effect on sperm production, however, seems to determine the time factor. Until such a sperm cell from head to tail is completely finished, it takes namely good two months since not judge a couple of hours equal heat damage. Concern it may be for professionals, such as for Italian taxi driver. Compared to other men they have in an investigation of the University of Rome on common pathological changes in the ejaculate, especially if they have long been at work and love ran the seat heating. A significant reduction is also evident when heavy agricultural or industrial machines to be moved, probably due to the strong vibrations. By the way: Those who sit all day, should occasionally change the attitude. Thus, the testes temperature drops a little. Even long sitting in the car increases the testicular temperature.
  • chemicals: Some environmental influences you are exposed without protection. Dangerous for the hormone estrogen may be, for example. The massive spread of the birth control pill get estrogens into groundwater and drinking water. In addition, contain many industrial products substances that act like estrogens such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs, widely used as softeners in plastic) or insecticides such as DDT (Dichlordiphenyltrichloretan. However, the strength of these so-called xenoestrogens often lies significantly below that of the natural estrogen. Specialist Krause are clear: "Overall, the risk that the man effeminate due to environmental influences or suffers damage its fertility, rather low."
  • Stress: Mental stress slow down the production of the male seed. The nature has devised clever, back when our ancestors still roamed the wilderness. If where the lion jumped out of the bush, I gain a man very little to produce many sperm at this very moment. Then it was either flee or fight, and for that the body needs all the energy, even those that are otherwise attributable to the testicles. For good sperm and procreation to provide better later, when peace has returned. Since then, have the stress to which we are exposed, walked. Stress in the workplace is often used to continuous stress, in which relaxation phases no longer set. Patients practice for Reproductive Medicine BKS in Hamburg doctors found abnormal Ejakulatwerte especially in subjects strongly to line up at traditional male characteristics such as dominance, strength and competitive readiness. Professor Kerrin Christiansen, human biology at the University of Hamburg, suspected here the root of evil: "Always to reach the position of alpha male, to take on any competition and to be successful, this is no longer possible in today's society.
  • Perfume: Fertility? Then you examine the ingredients of your daily fragrance Wässerchens. Researchers from Harvard University have now just discovered that your cause Eau de Toilette damage in sperm kann.Die scientists found that a correlation exists between the use of diethyl phthalate, a common ingredient in perfumes, and defects in the sperm DNA , The substance is still used in the perfume industry, despite protests from environmentalists. The study, involving 168 men took part, was in the journal "Environmental Health Perspectives" the US Department of Health and Human Services released.
  • Busy roads: Particulate matter is obviously dangerous to sperm. At least in mice, the mutation rate increases the genetic material by 60 percent when the animals longer time breathe heavily polluted air, noted Canadian physicians. A transfer of this finding to humans is not ausgeschlossen.Für the study, the researchers used their lab mice to open air: Several weeks lived animals in the vicinity of two steel mills and a main road in the industrial city of Hamilton (Ontario) in special containers. The control group was breathing the same air, but purified via filter. Result: After about four months, weeks, the doctors found an increased rate of mutation in the genetic material of fine dust mice, which in turn cause cause of diseases be können.Warum dirt particles in the lung damage in the sperm, is still unclear. The research team led by Carole Yauk plans to further testing.
  • Alcohol: Moderate alcohol consumption does not harm, from 40 grams of alcohol per day (about 1 liter of beer or 0.5 liters of wine) is, however, expected negative consequences.

Pineapple leaves sperm taste fruity sweet
It is true that pineapple makes sperm sweet

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These tricks improve semen quality

Thus sperm is delicious: Salty, milky, nutty - that semen tastes great. Drugs and certain foods distort the taste of semen contrast to the repulsive. This was the Hamburg sex therapist Angelina Borgaes out at a series of tests on 50 women. Especially beer, garlic and aspirin spoil the appetite for oral love thoroughly. 1.5 liters of pineapple juice, however, give the sperm a sweet, sweet taste. The sex therapist warned to begin the night of love with a strong knoblauchgewürzten food. Then sperm tastes sour, foul and musty. At dishwater women felt reminded their partners too much (min. 5) had been drinking beer, because that can taste the sperm stale. And who chased with several (min. 5) of aspirins his headache, driven out of a susceptible to oral love partner. The shot sperm then tastes very nasty, harsh or bitter - just like after too much meat, salt or asparagus. In the US, there is now a drug to improve the taste of semen. The powder, which is sold under the name Semenex the Internet, contains various fruit extracts in high concentration. It is dissolved in a glass of water, acting within a day.

Fitter sperm through Sport: While sports increases the temperature of the testicles, but even a few hours of training a day have no harmful effect. For example, a running workload of 60 kilometers per week is safe. "The problem arises only when extremely hard endurance sports," says Professor Frank Sommer, head of the Clinic for Men's Health at the University Hospital Hamburg. These athletes symptoms that are otherwise found only in old age: low testosterone levels, high risk of osteoporosis, loss of libido - and poor sperm quality. And, although the men look healthy and also feel that way. But even here there is an antidote. "If the person concerned limit the units to 90 minutes, but for intensive training, they can increase their testosterone levels and thus boost their sperm production." Also, additional strength training - as opposed to pure endurance units - increases testosterone levels and reactivated the testicles. Who accesses hormone preparations, should be aware be that he can drive a muscular physique thus indeed, but down around degrades rapidly masculinity. When the brain signals that enough testosterone is present the testes drive back the body's production. This may end up that they produce no more sperm. After settling of the preparations this negative effect is but fortunately reversible.

Good seeds thanks to masturbation: It is the best argument if you are caught. Who has regular sex or masturbated thereby increasing the quality of his sperm "sperm is usually after three or four days ill," says the British evolutionary biologist Robin Baker. By masturbation one is going old sperm; new fertile material can move up. And please regularly. Because dying residual sperm damage by their toxic breakdown products also freshly produced, top-fittest colleagues. "At the latest after eight to ten days semen is finally over," said the Hamburg reproductive expert Dr. Gerd Bispink.

Healthy sperm thanks coffee: A Brazilian team from the University of São Paulo found that coffee drinkers have better sperm. In their study, the researchers studied 750 men. Interesting result: Both Coffee junkies (more than six cups a day) and moderate coffee drinkers have more active sperm than caffeine abstainers.

Potent thanks to proper clothing: Wear prefer not to skinny jeans. "Too tight jeans that press testicles to the body, may well have a negative effect," said graduate medical Jens Jacobeit, Internist at Endokrinologikum Hamburg.

Fidele sperm thanks to proper nutrition: A balanced diet also keeps their sperm healthy. These seven things should be on your sperm menu:

  1. Selenium: Selenium boosts production in the testes. Sperm freshly produced are susceptible to adverse influences from outside, such as by environmental toxins. Selenium is an important component of a sheath surrounding sperm and protects them. A deficiency of the trace element has a negative effect on the number and quality of sperm. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends that 50 micrograms of selenium each day. Top sources include sunflower seeds and coconut flakes (of which 1 tablespoon among cereal, yogurt or fruit salad mix). Also recommended: 1 to 2 servings of fish per week.
  2. Material planting: They make sperm more nimble. In broccoli and other brassicas many antioxidant plant compounds are included. "They improve sperm motility, protect against harmful environmental influences," says Men's doctor summer. Tip: Make once a week a broccoli casserole and eat barbecue chop not only potato, but sometimes a serving of sauerkraut.
  3. Zinc: It improves the efficiency of your sperm. This trace element throttles the energy needs of the sperm and ensures that enough energy for the final sprint in the uterus and the fallopian tube remains. Much zinc include oysters, whole grains, legumes and - perfect for barbecue season - lamb, beef and turkey.
  4. Vitamin E: Vitamin E keeps sperm healthy. Nuts are rich in vitamin E, which supports the fertility in men and women by promoting the formation of healthy sperm and increases their mobility. Access prefer to nuts, instead of the evening to feed front of the television tons of chips. Also conscious cooking with high quality vegetable oil from rapeseed, sunflower or olive ensures optimal quality of your sperm.
  5. Vitamin C: It is found in citrus fruits, rose hips and sea buckthorn.
  6. B vitamins and folic acid: Munter Tired sperm and are contained in oats, peas, beans, as well as salmon, bran flakes, various types of cabbage, clams, herring and beef. 
  7. Omega-3 fatty acids: They have a favorable effect on testicular function and are, for example, contained in walnuts, flaxseed oil and fish.

So your sperm is fertile
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