Question: Exactly where a man can actually look a possible if a woman with a beautiful neckline met?
Darius Matuzak, by e-mailLook quietly closer look, just do not let yourself get caught
Of course, do lentils into her cleavage. But do not get caught

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Our answer:

Columnist Jens Clasen knows what to do: "The situation reminds me a little of before, when I was a little boy. When my birthday was imminent, of course, I knew that the birthday gifts were hidden in the closet of my mother. But I've never looked so easy, because I knew that the anger would have been huge. Of course I have now and then secretly looked in the closet without getting caught briefly. It was only a half satisfaction of curiosity - because the gifts were always too packed - but it eased the excitement.

The decisive factor in this, as in the case: not to be caught by anyone. Of course, do a woman to look at her breasts when she wears a low-cut neckline. but they should do it quietly and in secret. And even if you notice it, you should never resist the temptation to comment on your views. I understand the desire to win back by a cool spell sovereignty. But that always goes wrong. For, first, there's no commentary, which really satisfying to cushion them open flaunted lust for all. And secondly, you promised union in the way your gaffe yet: In order to provide the anti-sexism league still the same material that can be used against you.

It is of course not to be denied that a woman wearing a tight dress, a low-cut top or a skin-tight jeans, in principle, likely will not mind if there was someone hinguckt. But the authorized anyone and not to assert: "You want this but also." A secret view of the gifts is perfectly fine. But commenting or even touch is only allowed if it asks to be unwrapped from you."

  • 07/01/2016
  • Men&# 039; s Health
  • Men&# 039; s Health

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