Solo and totally happy? Absolutely! For bachelor life there are many good arguments. We have the best together for you and tell you how happy solo men savor their freedom

Did you know that single men are above 30 considered particularly cool and contemporary? According to a survey of the dating site eDarling. Reason: assigned men envy solo men to self-determination, women admire them because of their love of freedom. And how many of the coveted bachelor think for themselves about their situation? They are proud that they still need to be happy Vanillia neither vows of love. Being alone Standing up does not mean loneliness and boredom. We show you how to enjoy the benefits of solo act to the fullest.

A partnership does not happier

It is likely a misconception a relationship make life perfect. Of course, a well-running partnership can be an asset, but it is not solely responsible for your happiness. Those who can not be alone, is supposedly less lonely in society. A poorly ongoing relationship can make even more complicated and unhappy than no life. The single status is a way of self-expression, you should definitely savor - then later relationships are in fact run better - because you know what you want.

Single men live healthier

Long talked rumors, single people are unhappy, often ill and would die sooner than people assigned. New research clean up with the prejudices. scientists at the University of Texas studied for a study about 1.2 million people. The result: Unmarried feel better. The singles among the subjects also had lower body mass index than is dating and ate healthier. The reasons for weight gain for married experts suggest to take social duty to family meals. In addition, Affiliated care less about your appearance, because they look not for potential partners, the researchers said. Dutch scientists of Erasmus University Rotterdam also found that singles increasingly happier and less stressful than today assigned people. Reason: today the social pressure on unmarried men and women is significantly lower than it was 20 years ago. Come to that solo men do not bother with relationship conflicts must.

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8 steps that will make you a happy single

Couch potato, grouch and Long Weiler? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Singles must be anything but unhappy with their situation. Finally, they have the whole world still open. You are allowed to try, gain experience and do without feeling guilty and let what is good for them. Who is sheer Einsamkeitsgejamamer our heads in the sand or before Torschlusspanik goes to desperate Dating can only be unhappy. Get loose and stick to the following steps, which will make you a satisfied man Solo:

Step # 1: Recognize your advantage as a single

Are you single? Congratulations! There are a lot assigned men who are looking for your situation. Even if you crave long for a partner, you should now take advantage of your situation consciously make. You have the opportunity to concentrate on your life must not compromise have (almost) no obligations. If you are able to savor the positive aspects of the single status (read further down the things that you can enjoy as a single correct) and do not quarrel with your situation, there is the luck of its own accord.

Singles have more friends
Magnificent Hangover: go through the whole night with his mates - with no regrets

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Step # 2: Maintain friendships

Even as a solo man can naturally feel lonely - but, as if you were living in a partnership not more or less. As a single but chances are good that you even happen less alone than in a partnership. Proven Singles have a larger circle of friends as assigned people. They also relationships - just platonic. In this network, contemporaries find for every situation: one to play football, make a to party, one to sink and who washes one's head when one but gets time in the all-stupid-as-single trap. Many people make the mistake in partnerships namely that they are bundled in partners expect all these qualities - that can only go wrong. A little tip: Do yourself along with other solos, then you do not feel like the third wheel.

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Step # 3: Take fun things

What others think of your plans, you can be as much care as a single. You must be either at a specific time at home, yet make sure that they are always available. You have mood for a weekend in a tent on the beach? Do it! With the pals to celebrate to Prague? Do not wait! With Mother lunch? Why not! There is no one who will hold a lecture or you would like to re-educate. Do what you enjoy - you've earned it.

Step # 4: Get moving

Out with you: instead of squatting in the room, you had better taste of the great freedom in the fresh air. Listen to your body, you give him attention by training him to take care of his health and to eat well. They find it hard to motivate for sport alone? Then join a training group in your place of - where you learn as a single way, even better people know, as if you appear as a pair.  

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Single men: free and fun - as you are happy solo
Singles have good cards: He always trained alone? That falls on women

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Step # 5: Do not risk what

appeal bungee jumping, free solo climbing, karting or sharp unknowns in the supermarket. They themselves are responsible to reckless actions "allow", Seeded men go a rare risks because they fear consequences for the partnership. As for the sharp Unknown: compared to extreme sports, you can not lose anything.

Step # 6: Realize up

go for a cool job in the city? The location could not be better for big changes. You have free evenings and weekends in order to devote himself wholeheartedly your passion. Seize this opportunity for you to make yourself the greatest gift.

Step # 7: Do Good

In a partnership, the partners are keen to keep the other person happy. The means to an end: Gifts, favors and a shoulder to cry on. If there is no partner, your positive energy but should not fizzle out. Commit yourself to others - help, for example, the best friend moving, and make for Omi next door errands or listen to when a colleague discharges anger you. pulls the luck magically a filled karma account.

Singles are highly coveted
As a single, you are in great demand - do not rush too hastily into a solid bond

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Step # 8: Enjoy the attention as a guy

As a single male you are in demand among women and potential employers. Even if you can not understand that, you can sunbathe in good conscience sometimes in the light. Register the views of interested ladies, you appear confident. Because many women can hardly believe that a sporty and smart guy is not under the hood, you often go offensive at the man. but do not make the mistake and throw yourself into the first partnership that offers itself. Enjoy but for a while the unbound state in order to have time for yourself. If you are now in demand as a single, you will be too in a year yet.

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These 13 things you can enjoy as a single really

Who is forgiven, knows the unpleasant side effects of a partnership only too well. All the time you have to be justified: if you were traveling or unavailable for too long when one has once again lost the house key, or, if you prefer to go at the weekend with the dude into the stadium with her instead to go shopping. Here are 10 things that single men can enjoy better definitely than their liierten same sex:

  1. go through the whole night with his mates
  2. remodel the living room for temporary gambling hall
  3. ausreizen Tinder
  4. make Haphazard holidays 
  5. give the laundry for washing unabashedly to Mama
  6. unshaven home all day and walk around in boxer shorts
  7. watch porn
  8. Without limitations make sport or to pursue the hobby
  9. speeding car
  10. see Monster Truck documentaries
  11. Flirting until the doctor comes
  12. distribute the own phone number
  13. make fart jokes

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Singles sleep better
Goodnight: The whole bed for you alone and no one who steals the ceiling

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These 13 things you need to do as a single (no longer)

Annoying couples evenings are pretty high on the list of things to find the contracted men not particularly sparkling. What are you still remain spared as a single else:

  1. go along to Ikea
  2. give your loved clothing advice
  3. not disappoint the law
  4. accept the bitchy girlfriend of partner
  5. be always available
  6. The socks put away and clear the toilet seat
  7. Find unusual gifts
  8. share the duvet
  9. go from the party if they want it
  10. eat things that you need (in their opinion) must try
  11. share fries
  12. delete the phone number from the Ex
  13. cause separation talks

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Conclusion: The single status is a chance

Love is a great thing, we do not deny. But the single life offers so many opportunities that lead to affairs of the heart run even better in the future. Because only as a solo man, you have the chance to be alone clear about your wishes and preferences. Only if you know that you, for example, certain hobbies are very important in order to be happy, you can tell a future partner later early why you need this time. The Dating is a natural instinct. Sooner or later, every man wants a partner, as it is also a roof over your head wants. But until then it is also nice to live in a temporary - as unbound maybe it will never again - enjoy enjoy!

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