Question: I (age 27) have lost 53 kg within one and a half years. Unfortunately, now the skin depends despite regular visits to the gym. How do I get them back tightly?
Bernd S., GöppingenHow to firm my skin?
Who decreases too fast, must reckon with sagging skin

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Our answer:

"Due to rapid weight loss, it is not uncommon for a permanent relaxation of the affected skin, often used in combination with so-called striae (in women known as "Stretch marks")"Said Dr. Stefan Krauße, Dermatologist from Hamburg. Therefore you should - especially at a relatively high initial weight - always time leave with the decrease, so Krauße.

Unfortunately, there is no cream that can tighten your skin. We recommend massage and sports activities (particularly well suited swimming). Thus one should begin during the diet best. If, despite all disturbing overstretching, there is the possibility of an operative skin tightening. Your dermatologist will gladly give you detailed information about benefits, scope and limits of such intervention.

  • 11/01/2013
  • Men&# 039; s Health
  • Men&# 039; s Health

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