make raw eggs neither strong nor healthy. On the contrary, you can trigger indigestion

raw food
That it strengthens the man to suck eggs a day more crude from the shell, is a fairy tale. In uncooked egg white avidin substance is contained, the digestive problems and can cause abdominal pain. In addition, it binds the vitamin biotin, which is particularly important for healthy skin, hair and nails is important.

If you get tiramisu abdominal pain, which is, however, rather less that can cavort in raw eggs and therefore also in the Italian specialty in avidin than salmonella. but if you only use those eggs raw, who are old less than a week, everything is fine, because as long as the eggs have a self-protection, which prevents the growth of Salmonella.

cholesterol bombs
Egg yolk has a lot of cholesterol, but before that only people with certain genetic defects have to fear. Others simply turn down the in-house production with high cholesterol intake. Too little cholesterol would not be good: The body needs it for testosterone production.

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