During the first meeting it is important to stay relaxed and to signal interest: We'll tell you how to address a woman right

In this phase model, you will learn how to address women and bring the first conversation in a loose form.

First phase - the prelude

The prelude you have already successfully mastered? She smiled back? Then let's go and talk to her. When? Right now. Because first come, first flirting.

And remember: Actually, you want to talk just nice. That believes you anyway though none but with the attitude you can handle a basket better.

Phase 2 - the response

Become a secret agent: Analyze your environment and their chances. Train your powers of observation. Can you see it "Your" Chosen at - how it moves, how it looks and what she wears. Using the collected information you can quickly initiate a chance conversation.

For example, ask for the menu, to change or let us explain how the ticket machine works. And if it does not work? Not long whine: You know that is already the next victim, you have indeed been looking thoroughly beforehand.

Phase 3 - Smalltalk

While are a true Smalltalk artists, the others fail even in this first verbal touching distance. Because for many of the small talk seems to be the epitome of superficial and meaningless talk. But small talk is much more: it is a special kind of entertainment in which it comes to sniff the other. A recording or confirming a relationship between two people, without having to give up the same amount of itself.

What advantages do you have as Smalltalk King?

  • Networking - you socialize
  • Sympathy - you are entertaining. The people you like.
  • Fun - Smalltalk is easygoing, perhaps even funny conversation about ... what comes to mind straight.
  • Na, and finally the whole a training ground for THE woman dragging sometime with your eloquent speech in the spell.

Tips for small talk

  • Go approach with a positive attitude to your interlocutor, be curious.
  • Do not stay relaxed and think obsessively issues.
  • Observe your surroundings, the interlocutor and go one on it.
  • Are you interested in the others.
  • Listen to.

Phase 4 - Flirt

You can connect with the phase 3 flirting already, the small talk. For the Flirt is the special form of light entertainment. Flirting lives - like the small talk - from the moment of the here and now. With all the opportunities and risks. Rely on your sense of when and how to flirt, everything else is only artificial.

So flirt it happening: Smile at her and see her briefly. Make the when the Chosen play along several times, the result is anything by itself.

Phase 5 - Serious Entertainment

The Smalltalk is a good introduction to explore further. But at some point it's over with the preliminaries: After all, you were supposed to reveal something of themselves, so that a certain proximity may occur. but intimacies are out of place in Smalltalk.

So you are a little more serious in the course of conversation. This does not mean that you have to do without humor and a soft tone - you are your yes list no matter how many bodies you have in the cellar.

Tips for reconciliation in serious climes

  • Enforce no serious talks by speaking from one second to the other about your deepest desires and feelings.
  • Wait for the appropriate points of contact.
  • The transition from easier communication in the serious part you should approach very cautiously.
  • always wait for the reaction of your interlocutor. Only when you responding to your words, she is ready for a personal interview.

Phase 6 - The Aftermath

Even the serious part of your small discussion groups is over once. Once you realize that the time has come, do not let the conversation end abruptly. Take for example, elements of small talk again: flirt, make your compliments.

Because only with a positive outlet, you might be able to take address, telephone number, e-mail or equal to the Beautiful itself. Because it is supposed to strike while the iron is hot.

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