Is there any way to increase its amount of sperm?

Question: Is there any way to increase its amount of sperm?

The answer of our experts: Just to avoid confusion: "A 'full steam' confused many men still with great potency, but has really nothing to do with sperm amounts"Says Dirk Ludigs, sex expert and author ("or sex", Dtv publisher). Experienced men can indeed be 40 fantastic lover, but due to age only moderately much sperm.

In the US porn scene there are still tricks to increase the amount of sperm: Protein-containing foods, including raw eggs, are part of the fitness program in the three days before a shoot. In addition, the amino acid L-arginine is considered in a daily dose of between one and two milligrams depending on body weight as an insider tip to produce plenty of thick, milky sperm. Diet and pills are one thing, a sperm friendly Sexverhalten something else: A few days before the abstinence "great shot" increase your ammunition. And most important: the longer the prelude and the longer the orgasm superstructure, the more voluminous the discharge.

The video tip from Dr. Moritz Tellmann: More sperm within 24 hours

They want to produce more sperm? In the video tells Dr. Telemann how it works within a day

More sperm within 24 hours
More sperm within 24 hours