Nico was in 8 weeks for the action figure, now has a crisp six-pack and 4.8 kilos more muscle mass. To do that well

Nico Reiher (27) Sports Trainee
Body fat: 11% -> 4.3% / 1.85 m
Result: -6.7% body fat
The Sixpack approach was available, with 11 percent body fat Nico could be almost satisfied. But only almost. Until then, he was more haphazard into the studio, ate whim. That should change - and it ended with 4.8 kilos more Muckis.

Nico: "The way to washboard is purely a mental thing? Right!"
"Strength training had indeed called me by then, but progress has always stayed away longer. Whether it had to do with nutrition? May be. At least it bugged me that colleague Martin had the body fat measurement chosen in advance for themselves. So let's try it with this Paleo diet, I thought. Added to this was the probably hardest workout of my life. As we have gone through this incredibly challenging fine-tuning program? With the following motivation strategies.

Nico was in 8 weeks for the action figure, now has a crisp six-pack and 4.8 kilos more muscle mass
Nico after 8 weeks Sixpack Training: a crisp six-pack and 4.8 kilos more muscle mass

© Timmo Schreiber

realize benefits In place of my beloved Banana Bread with cappuccino now meat was on my breakfast table, namely 300 grams. Moritz convinced us that chicken and beef not only provide plenty of protein, but which fats are much more effective than coal used for energy-hydrate. Sounds good, but the morning Braterei in the newsroom kitchen cost me first genuinely overcome - and put the noses of colleagues to the test. Eventually, however, I realized that I was satisfied longer, stayed away lows in the afternoon. And after a week I woke up in the morning with an appetite for a medium cooked steak.

prepare rewards Not only the workouts were juicy, and the Shake afterwards. The mixture: protein powder with cherry juice, a reward for the palate and muscles, because juices were otherwise taboo. After training but the body requires rapidly available carbohydrates. OK then! Once a week, also gave it a Cheat Day, the day on which we were allowed to eat whatever we wanted. I did not begrudge me on Sundays. The only requirement: We then had twice as many calories out as on other days, preferably through food with a high protein content. Moritz recommended chocolate with hazelnuts, but also a burger was on days like these allowed. What is behind it? If you have properly fed carbohydrates and protein, effectively muscles are built on the following day of practice, more fat is burned. With this regulation, I could live very well accordingly.

imitate idols Awesome when the coach exemplifies his lessons themselves. Moritz feeds throughout the year after the Paleo diet, exercising almost daily and is all over 6 percent body fat. Since I wanted to go! In week 3 we met the boxing pro Jack Culcay, who had his unit just behind it and encouraged us to persevere. 3 days later I saw Golden Jack on TV while, as he exploded in the ring outright. My tip for you: Look your sporting role models as often as possible to at work. To see how hard working professionals, motivated one immensely.

venture competition In terms of body fat, my colleague and training partner from the beginning a bit I was ahead. But that's what inspired me. It really helps tremendously if the training partner is at least at the same level as oneself. That Martin made me look old deadlift with 120 kilos, I paid him on the bench press home with 80 kilos. So we went constantly back and forth. The Perfect because we ultimately both benefited from the competition.

My conclusion Thanks Sixpack and 4.8 kilos more muscle mass I received from photographers in the final shoot a compliment: 'You look like how it should stay, "' ne action figure! '.