Stage 2: ... now you also have severe sore throat ...

The viruses have already torn down the first barrier in the body and laid up by the nasal mucosa to the throat. Which is now red, swollen and painful - sore throat up. If in addition the larynx and vocal cords are infected, you have to fight beyond with difficulty swallowing and hoarseness.

Against the sore throat, it helps in many cases even when you sleep with a scarf around his neck. The extra dose of heat promotes blood circulation and the immune system, it also acts mucus expectorant and against this way of strep throat.

Consuming, but with an effect on the whole throat, are Quark envelopes. Swipe quark thin on a cloth, hit it on and warm the resulting scarf with a hot water bottle. Then you wrap it for half an hour around your neck. If you want to play it safe, you move the viruses also an impressive list of anti-inflammatory substances to the body.

However, you need to give the media the chance to actually get down into the throat and to work there. Gargles of sage and Myrrhetinkturen are best suited.