Leave the other look as standard! To be one selected in the New Year's Eve for Best Dressed

1. What outfit should I wear this year?
With friends or in a club, we advise you to a dressy-casual look: Combine jackets, long sleeve shirts or hooded sweater with slim-fitting shirts, narrow pants, which may like to be subtly striped or patterned. Completing all-noble ankle boots.

2. Is there the perfect shoe for New Year?
So one, where you can and dancing all night where you get cold feet when firecrackers on the street? Easily have it because only the fans of sneakers. Otherwise: The softer the leather, the more pleasant it can dance.

3. As I turn my business outfit to a party look?
With a few simple tricks you pull out of the serious job-divide a cool styling that makes you acceptable to parties:

1. Tie: Take off
2. Shirt: open up 2 buttons
3. T-shirt underneath: Take off
4. hair: gel / wax style

4. How do I verdrücke a Berlin without Marmalade mishap?
It's simple: Search on the edge of the pastry to the injection site, where the baker has injected into it the jam. There you bite into it first. The filling can finally get out mess only where it finds an exit.

Always in three-quarter time
In three-quarter time

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5. How to actually dancing a waltz?
Start with the right foot and take a step forward diagonally right. Drag until it forms a 90-degree angle to the left foot to the start position. Then put the right alongside the left foot. The next episode is basically the same, just that you start with the left and put the feet to the rear. Then it's forward again, etc.

6. How can I prevent tired eyes on New Year's morning
Insert the morning damp cotton pad on closed eyelids. Afterwards refresh the eye area with unscented cream Soin Regard Anti-Fatigue Lancôme Homme. This cream stimulates circulation and lymph flow to speed by caffeine and ivy extracts.

7. How do I get the party stains from the clothes out?
Red wine stains sprinkle with lots of salt, then wash normally. Makeup stains rub off after dancing with a slice of bread, wash it. With burns (not: -löchern!) Applies: Rub stain with vinegar water, leave on, rinse with clear water. When wax stains blotting paper over and under the stain place, iron the spot until the wax is completely absorbed by the paper.

Tasty Anti-Hangover Killer
Tasty Anti-Hangover Killer
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