So you quickly see the suit buying if the jacket really fits well, there's a checklist here

  1. arm's length When hanging, slightly angled arm of the sleeves should reach the wrist and the shirt cuffs should peep out about 1 centimeter under the jacket sleeves.
  2. Shoulder Your shoulders should not extend beyond the sleeve seam of the jacket and your upper arms does not emerge through the jacket sleeves. Diagonal pleats on the back below the shoulders are a sign of so-called hanging shoulders. Is too far the jacket in the shoulder area, caused the back next to the shoulders unrecoverable longitudinal wrinkles.
  3. neck The Jackettkragen should not stick out, but nestle tightly around the neck. The upper edge of the collar must be parallel to the collar on the neck side. If the jacket is too tight cut, then back form in the neck area long cross folds.
  4. reverse The lapels should not stick flat on the chest, but also convey a vivid impression. but they must not gape, and the substance may not stretch or pull the button panel in the buttoned-up state.
  5. Jacket length The shorter the jacket, the more boxy and stylish looks it. Those who work in a more conservative environment should choose a jacket that fails too short in any case.

What is actually forward thinking on the jacket, the little extra pocket?

The so-called ticket pocket is a pocket above the right exterior pocket on the jacket. Always falls slightly smaller than the underlying and was popular around the turn of the century first with mantles. Originally, it was, as the name suggests, intended for the storage of tickets. Since the 1930s, they are used even in jackets and suits. Whether a jacket have such a bag has or not is a matter of taste. Definitely emphasizes the waist with its vertical alignment.