When taking creatine, there are several things to consider. Read works best as creatine, if you operate muscle building and how to avoid side effects

Creatine promises extra muscle power. But how safe is taking the dietary supplement? Get to know everything you should know about creatine

Creatine was once considered secret in the fitness scene. Today, it is marketed as a dietary supplement in a big way. There are dozens of vendors who ausloben their product as the muscle Turbo par. But not everywhere creatine see is also (only) creatine in it. Bargain purchases can be at the expense of health. What is serious and what you should keep your hands? How does creatine is best and what about the side effects?

Toning only with adequate water supply
When taking creatine drink is important

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take right Creatine: Creatine without side effects

When taking creatine, there are several things to consider. Read how creatine works best and how to avoid side effects

Those who take creatine to himself, should to drink a lot. The flushes not only the powder from the mouth, but promotes the absorption of creatine into the blood and into the muscles. Otherwise, the poorly soluble substance in the stomach can sink and ineffective and - even more uncomfortable - bring smelly side effects such as bloating or halitosis with it. A dose of five grams should mix with a six to nine liters of fluid. Important: Do not drink the mix as soon as possible. Creatine is not stable for long in liquids and no longer works. You might want to dissolve the powder in fruit juice. The sugar in the juice can shoot up insulin levels. Conveys the creatine faster into the muscle cells.

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For more tips on creatine intake of graduate Oecotrophologen Uwe Schröder: "The optimal revenue-time is after training. Do not take creatine right after eating. Especially heavy, fat meals lead to an unfavorable long residence time in the stomach."

Side effects of creatine

In addition to bloating or nausea and muscle spasms can occur - especially in the calves. In contrast, magnesium helps. In addition, there is an increased water retention in the muscles. They are under greater stress - this can lead to injury. Because of the water retention, the balance can show up to two kilograms more. The side effects are observed especially in the so-called charging phase: Creatindosen of up to 20 grams of the Creatinspeicher should fill in five to seven days daily. "Instead of the traditional loading phase smaller amounts of up to five grams a day are preferable for a long time. If the memory once charged rich two grams per day of"Uwe Schröder recommends.

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taking Creatine for muscle building properly
Creatine more reps with potentially

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Creatine for muscle building

Creatine loads the mini-batteries of the muscles again. This allows you to increase your strength endurance

Creatine is basically an endogenous substance and sticks mainly in the muscle cells. His job: As creatine can quickly recharge quasi muscle batteries.

This battery works in the form of so-called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is the main fuel for our cells. Used for muscle work energy needed, the ATP splits off one of its three phosphate groups: It is for ADP (adenosine diphosphate, which has only two Phospatgruppen): This energy is released that can be used to move the muscle.

However, these energy reserves will last at maximum load for a few seconds. Before the body resorts to other means of energy production, creatine comes into play. As creatine phosphate it may be the "low-energy" ADP again with a phosphate group to the "high-energy" ATP charge.

"Creatine doses increase the amount of creatine phosphate in the muscle. Thus, the maximum power can be maintained longer"Explains Uwe Schroeder of the Institute of Sports Nutrition in Bad Nauheim. This applies to short, high intensity loads. The muscle can work longer at a high level - without acidify. Profit most strength athletes who need to quickly deliver maximum benefits in a short time; in endurance there's no point because since the energy can be obtained otherwise.

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taking Creatine for muscle building properly
Expensive blends and creatine in pill form are not always better than pure creatine monohydrate

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Are expensive creatine products better?

Countless offers of different creatine products introduce ourselves spoiled for choice: Are the expensive blends really better than the simple powder?

Like you believe the advertising promises of providers creatine, is long gone in conventional powder form. Instead, should chewable tablets, liquids, fizzy drinks or bars - often in the mix with other substances - to be highly effective and are more rapidly absorbed by the body. Many of the expensive "innovations" But hardly keep their promises. which is presented as creatine serum commercially, for example, liquid creatine. "Creatine is unstable in liquids. After some time, creatinine, a catabolism forms. Although that is not harmful, but no longer works"Says Dr. Frank Hülsemann, chemists from the German Research Center of Elite Sport Cologne.

Although bar or chewable tablets are convenient for travel, but do not have to be swallowed with water. but this is what is important for the "Creatine digestion", Additional components, such as mineral salts or special carbohydrates, bring no guaranteed added value: "Whether the blends really improve creatine uptake into the muscle, is questionable"Speculates Hülsemann.

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Scientists dispel bodybuilding lie on
necessary for muscles and Health - highly pure creatine without pollution

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Pay attention to good quality of creatine: creatine without impurities

In the market for dietary supplements such as creatine, is black sheep cavort. Experts warn of low-cost suppliers from the Far East

Who goes bargain hunting in creatine purchase, not necessarily doing yourself a favor. the manufacturer saves in raw materials and in the production, at the expense of purity. Dubious providers to get on the track but is difficult because creatine is considered "just" as a dietary supplement: Strict quality controls as for medicinal products must not be made so that it can be sold.

"Creatine is produced synthetically 100 percent"Explains Dr. Frank Hülsemann. "Impurities from production, for example, to remove residues of starting materials, costs money"Says the chemist. And save yourself some manufacturers and waive a thorough cleansing. So harmful substances such as dicyandiamide, dihydrotriazine or even mercury may end up in the low-doses. We can not see, taste or smell, because creatine is a white, odorless and tasteless powder. Impurities can be discovered only by a laboratory analysis.

creatine"Made in Germany"
"There are in the world market currently three producers from China and one from Germany. Who sell the raw material to the countless middlemen continue"So Hülsemann. There is bottled and packaged. "Read on the packaging where the product originates"Says Hülsemann. The chemist recommends only to products "Made in Germany" to grip. Because in Germany Creatine is produced according to the strictest standards.

Although the German Creatine costs a little more, but is highly pure. Cheap providers from "Overseas" should be treated with caution. So the Chinese Creatinproduzenten use sometimes the carcinogenic thiourea as a starting material for the production.

Bargain with little effect
Bargain hunters can experience more surprises - namely that nothing does. The can at a bargain price may also contain some of the ineffective breakdown product creatinine take creatine. is to blame again the poor cleaning in production. Also improper and long storage can be disintegrated creatine and reduce the effectiveness.

nutritional supplements
Creatine may contain illegal steroids or hormones

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Doping case: anabolic steroids in creatine preparations

Laboratory tests bring it to light: Creatine is illegal steroids or hormones, ie anabolic steroids, contain

Doping controls and studies such as the Institute of Biochemistry at the German Sport University Cologne have already revealed it: some creatine supplements contain prohibited anabolic substances. "If the equipment is not properly cleaned at the filling and worked there before with hormones that find themselves in creatine again"Explains Dr. Frank Hülsemann. Although these are very small amounts, but what health-conscious athletes will already miss unintentionally a hormone cocktail. For athletes such contaminants would be a disaster: doping control positive.

Who wants to buy hormone-free creatine, should advance to the "Cologne List" look for food supplements. reputable manufacturers are listed on it. "Our Cologne List is a voluntary self-disclosure of the manufacturer. Let their product in the laboratory of the Center for Preventive Doping Research at the German Sport University in Cologne test"Says Dr. Oliver Heine from the Olympic Center Rhineland, scientific coordinator of the Cologne List. Products without impurities receive a stamp of approval.

"A 100 percent certainty there is never"Says Hülsemann. to use guidance as the Cologne List, but it just makes sense: "Because creatine is a fully synthetic product, I would want to know as a buyer in any case, what's inside",

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