The best anti-aging tips: What really needs men skin to wrinkle and long pimple-free, healthy and attractive to stay

In this article:
  • Differences between male and female skin
  • The optimum face care for men's skin
  • The most common problems in male skin
  • identify the type of skin
  • Ingredients for well-groomed men skin
  • Anti Aging: Preventing wrinkles
  • Skin Care in summer and in winter
  • Healthy skin through sport
  • A healthy lifestyle for wrinkles

For a healthy, attractive facial skin men do not need tons of toiletries. What male skin in general, and your skin type in particular needs young, well maintained and remain atttaktiv, click here:

Differences between male and female skin

There are significant differences between male and female skin, which can be attributed to the differences in hormone households. Miss Dr. Steinkraus, Dermatologist in Hamburg, explains that the sex hormone testosterone is responsible for ensuring that men have a 20% thicker skin. At the same time it has a higher permeability in the skin's protective barrier, which makes them more vulnerable.

Skin aging is slower in men. This is due to the falling estrogen levels in women. As a result, water storage and sebum production decrease and wrinkles are visibly faster.

Another difference is the sebum, so Dr. Susanne Steinkraus: Through a variety of sebaceous glands produce male skin daily about twice as much sebum as Mrs skin having much less sebaceous glands. This can often seem large pores and oily skin appearance. This is also the reason why men are more likely to struggle with blemishes.

The optimum face care for men's skin

For Dr. med. Pia Paes, doctor at Dermatologikum Hamburg are two particularly important steps: cleansing and toning. should be cleaned the skin every evening thoroughly but gently. In the morning, it is sufficient to rinse the face with warm water, unless you have especially oily skin. This it does to be well and properly cleaned in the morning. After that, ideally, our expert recommends a pH to use balancing toning.

After this preliminary work, a cream, a fluid or gel can be used additionally, to assist the skin barrier on its own regeneration and stabilization. What care is suitable depends on your skin type, as these should be adapted to the fat and moisture content of the skin.

Expert tip for clear skin: Make these two steps to your routine, like brushing your teeth or clean socks!

Do not forget sunscreen
On top should whenever your skin from the sun is exposed to a sunscreen be applied. UV rays cause the skin to age that is not only faster, but also increase the risk of skin cancer. 

Toner, also called toner, clean men's skin gently and ensure a healthy pH - shutterstock / Dean Drobot

The most common problems in male skin

With or without treatment, sometimes spins the skin. Men are struggling due to the high production of sebum often with impurities. Too dry, too oily or redness that does not go away. It sucks. Thus may be closing. With these tips, you can prevent or assist your skin in acute cases.

Dry skin
Cold and dry heated air, the skin, especially in winter in a special stress test. Not infrequently, dry skin in the winter becomes a problem. What the skin in this case needs?
Editor's Notes for dry skin:
 The skin should be powered by richer creams with good fats. Particularly well skin-identical or -like ingredients like ceramides and cholesterol, as well as soothing, natural oils are suitable.

Oily skin
Due to the high production of sebum, which acts stimulated by testosterone, men tend to tend to be more oily skin. If a wrong cleaning and care to this can become an annoying companion. Nevertheless, the tendency may be inherent.
Editor's Notes for oily skin
: Pay attention to gentle cleaning. In return, particularly gels are suitable. "Too harsh cleaning products can dry out the skin and thereby compensatory increase fat production in the skin," says Dr. Paes. After that, be sure to use a light care such as hydrogels.

Redness-prone skin
A reddening of the skin can have various causes. This should, according to Dr. Paes underestimate in any way. Although a reddish complexion may be due to the plant, but other causes can be inflammation, high blood pressure or other rare diseases.
Expert tip against prone to redness
 Stop the redness over a longer period, inform their doctor. a therapy and / or care concept will be created depending on the cause. 

identify the type of skin

Skin types, there are as many as men. Each skin type is individual and depends on a variety of factors.

"In addition to factors such as the age, fat and moisture content of the skin, the skin color and the welding tendency also difficult to measure as the sensitivity of a flow," Dr. Paes.

Tip for skin problems: Find sure a dermatologist again. This can best assist and help you in choosing the right products.

  • Characteristic of normal skin: They have little to deal with problems. Your skin is easy and straightforward. Nevertheless, normal skin should be what the care terms not be neglected. To the skin should be cleansing and toning part of their routine to maintain.
  • Characteristics of dry skin: Dry skin lacks moisture. They usually is very delicate, sensitive and tend during the day to redness. Due to the lack of moisture may cause a feeling of tension, itching or scaly spots. 
  • Plate of oily skin: Too much oil can shine the skin throughout the day. The skin is rather large pores and prone to blackheads or pimples.  
  • Characteristic of combination skin: In the T-region, which stretches across the forehead, nose and chin, the skin is oily and shiny. The region around the eyes and cheeks, however, is rather dry.

Ingredients for well-groomed men skin

Regardless of gender recommends dermatologist to choose skin-like or skin-identical ingredients that complement the natural cell environment and regenerate. Examples are ceramides or cholesterol. Ceramides are found in the stratum corneum of the skin. They protect against moisture loss and form the protective barrier of your skin. Cholesterol is an important component of cell membranes. Both thus support the natural skin and cell structure. So that they are not only complementary but also regenerative. 

Since male and female skin differ in their structure, do not reach for the cream pot of girlfriend. Men's skin needs care that is tailored to those needs. That is a gentle cleansing, a pH balancing face lotion and a light cream, fluid or gel. also pay attention to the individual needs of your skin and look at problems help dermatologists. 

Anti Aging: Preventing wrinkles 

A moisture-containing skin care helps to delay wrinkling - Shutterstock / goodluz

The aging process of men's skin runs creeping as in women. but the typical features are the same: small and larger wrinkles that in the dermis, the dermis, to form. There sit the collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin aging. Dr. Steinkraus stated that the proportion of these fibers decreases markedly with age. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles form. In addition, the capacity of moisture that can store the skin, the age is less and diminishes the facial muscles slowly. Cell division slows down and the skin thinner. However, in addition to the genetic cell aging skin aging can be enhanced by external factors. The enemy is: Free radicals. It is to aggressive oxygen particles which are formed, for example, by ultraviolet rays or nicotine. Sometimes it can thereby also cause changes in skin tone, for example by an irregular pigmentation, come. A pale-looking complexion can support this process. Good care is the alpha and omega Good care products can support the skin barrier and contribute a little to stop the aging process.

The best anti aging tips for facial skin:

  • Sun protection: Please take care to skin care is very important that a sun protection factor is included to prevent sun-induced premature skin aging.
  • Radical scavengers: The free radicals can counteract with the help of personal care products that contain antioxidant agents. This should ensure that neutralize harmful oxygen particles and make them harmless.
  • Moisture Boost: Storing moisture increasingly difficult skin with age. By moisturizing care products, however, this deficit can be compensated.

Skin Care in summer and in winter

Basically, the combination of cleansing, water and shelter in the form of a cream, gel or fluid should be the year the base of your maintenance routine. Remember: Watch the condition of your skin and adjust the care it on. To prepare your skin for the different challenges that bring summer and winter:

Protect from the sun
As the sun are the biggest enemy in the fight against wrinkles and aging skin, it is in the summer to protect yourself and use appropriate sunscreen.

protect against moisture loss
In winter it is located, increased by the oil and moisture content of the skin to care. By cold and dry heated air, it is put to a severe test.

Protect from frost 
Put on biologically valuable lipids such as ceramides, shea butter and other vegetable oils. These also help to retain moisture. 
Attention! At intense cold dermatologist strongly advises on strong moisturizing products because the water contained can promote the development of Mikroerfrierungen. Our experts recommend low-water, lipid-rich creams or anhydrous formulations such as ointments, which also offer some protection against the cold.

Healthy skin through sport

Sport is not only good for mind and body, your skin will benefit if you work up a sweat. The increased circulation improves oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin so that, for example, free radicals can be more easily removed. During sweating, the skin pores open. In Built-up sebum and cell debris free course have to drain. Even skin cells, which are responsible for the blockage of pores are removed. Before exercise, it is sufficient to clean the skin and, if appropriate, apply a sunscreen.

Skin care after sports: Maintain your skin after exercise. Valuable Inhalststoffe can then be particularly well received.

A healthy lifestyle for wrinkles

"An absolute must for a nice, fresh, vital skin is a healthy lifestyle," says Dr. Steinkraus. Reduce everything that makes the skin age faster. In addition to sun includes nicotine and alcohol. A balanced diet and the intake of nutrients and vitamins can help your skin from the inside. Also, make sure to exercise regularly. Especially endurance sports stimulates capillary blood circulation and makes the skin glow with a new freshness. Very important: Drink plenty of water, best silent. This benefits your entire body, including your skin. A high moisture content smooths out loud dermatologist small creases on its own.

our experts
Dr. Pia Paes, a doctor at the DERMATOLOGIKUM HAMBURG
Dr. Susanne Steinkraus, a dermatologist from Hamburg