Food coma, bloating & Co .: We'll tell you, with what food you score in the restaurant in women and what you should never eat on a date

You want to run your chosen on a first date really nice to eat? Great idea, unless it falls short on execution. Because choosing the right course (s) at the restaurant can be decisive for the success (or failure) of the date. While some dishes are quite difficult to eat, others can cause stomach pain and bloating, fatigue and bad breath again.

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These foods or dishes you should never order on the first date if you really want to end up in women:

1. burritos, quesadillas & Co.

Mexican cuisine is colorful, varied and nice and sharp - perfect first date, right? Because hot spices heat up the body you know, tidy and stimulate the blood circulation - even äähhhm "untenrum", Unfortunately, vast amounts hidden in the typical local dishes to fiber-rich ingredients such as beans and corn. Fiber is important for the digestive system, logo - but they can also lead to nasty flatulence. The question "To me or to you?" then unnecessary usually very fast. Another drawback: The cheese, with many dishes are baked at the Mexicans, not just makes things even better, since it is in the stomach long and heavy.

Food should not be eaten on a date
Cheese, meat and noodles: The combi you end up quickly in bed, but without your date ...

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2. lasagna

If you always had in mind to say goodbye right after dessert to depend (alone!) On your couch and take a nap, lasagna is the perfect choice on a first date. The pasta-cheese combo (carbohydrates and fat) is you after dinner that is not just like a stone in the stomach, it also makes you tired and listless. The same fate awaits you incidentally after eating a pizza.

3. salad

"No Carbs? Okay, then maybe I can score with a salad?" Good approach, but have you ever tried to carry unruly rocket or huge Lollo rosso-sheets for your (wide open) mouth, without the sticks half the dressing on beard or chin? Just.

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4. spaghetti

As romantic as Lady and the Tramp, unfortunately, rarely goes to in real life, so you should never eat spaghetti on a first date. Even if you manage to maneuver the slippery things halfway elegantly on your fork and into your mouth, there is a danger that you einsauen with the sauce or you will stick to the chin a noodle throughout the meal. Varieties like Spirelli or penne are the better choice because it (he) just to eat. Disadvantage: A plate of pasta looks about as soporific as lasagna. 

    Food should not be eaten on a date
    Fast food is tasty, but also a real killer Dating

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    5. Burger

    A good burger can hardly anyone resist, but especially beautiful, it does not look if one gets to work on him. Eating with your hands is a real mess, in which everything else look also as advantageous. But honestly, eat a burger with knife and fork, just does not feel right. Move the burgers rather eat at a later date. 

    6. Garlic Bread

    Smooching + garlic = The bill goes is known not to, at least not on the first date. No wonder, since garlic is not only bad for the breath, the body odor suffers. Thanks to the sulfur-containing ingredients to cook after eating garlic bread and Co. the smell that is all over the body from. Rrrrrr. Tip: Even on the day BEFORE forego the date on garlic. Better safe than sorry.

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    7. Brussels sprouts

    Brussels sprouts are packed with healthy nutrients. Unfortunately, contain mini-cabbages - just like beans - many insoluble fiber. Actually, the super healthy, but in some people cause brussels sprouts and company an unpleasant bloating including stabbing pain. Whether you belong to, you better find another day out. And quite honestly Soooo good also does not taste sprouts now that you could not do without him on the first date, right?

    Food should not be eaten on a date
    However, not as a dessert - Chocolate makes you happy

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    8. Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate cake for dessert? Also not a good idea. The extra dose of chocolate on a full stomach after a dinner where possibly the odd glass of wine was drunk, is not recommended, because after eating the sweet sugar bomb can cause heartburn. "And if we share the dessert?" The idea is not necessarily better: In a study that was conducted by the dating app Tinder and the delivery service Deliveroo, though it came out that it is for 58 percent in order to share a dessert - but only if the Date ordered to a second spoon. However, for the remaining 42 percent of the common dessert is a real Dating killer. Your chances are as 50:50. Do you really want to risk it?

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    Extra tip: Sugar-free gum? Please do not!

    You expect from a good chance of a goodnight kiss? Then a chewing gum for exrra fresh breath does not hurt, yes. Absolutely true, but before that you should take the ingredients of Atemerfrischers closer look. Sugar-free chewing gums contain namely freshwater and sugar substitutes. Although that are good for the teeth and have no calories, but unfortunately they often lead to digestive problems. A bloating and flatulence to diarrhea are the consequences. By chewing it also inadvertently swallow air, which exacerbated the symptoms.

    Top 3 dishes on the first date

    Now that so many dishes were exposed as Date-disabled, it is natural, what is for now is to eat on the first date? These three delicious dishes you can safely access: 

    Food should not be eaten on a date
    Salmon is super healthy and is perfect as a meal on a date

    © Timoli /

    1. salmon

    Salmon is the first date an ideal choice because it provides high-quality protein and healthy fats, but not tired-making Carbs. In combination with vegetables (eg asparagus) and a small portion of long-chain carbohydrates (for example, quinoa or brown rice) you can not go wrong with salmon, because your body is supplied with all the nutrients he needs to eventually go through the night.

    Food should not be eaten on a date
    With sushi you have the second date as good as in the bag

    © Lisovskaya Natalia /

    2. Sushi

    According to a study, the chances increase immensely to a second date if you arrange to eat at the first meeting with the beloved to sushi. The carbohydrates from the rice in combination with the high-quality proteins from salmon, tuna or shrimp you lend namely an extra boost of energy. "wiiiiiings" So not only gives Red Bull, but also Nigir, Maki & Co.

    Food should not be eaten on a date
    With chicken on the plate can not go wrong

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    3. chicken

    Safety first, this applies not only in bed with chicken breast, you are dead right on the first date because it is low in fat and provides easily digestible protein. Chicken gets along wonderfully with all sorts of side dish. Exception: Chicken Wings! Or do you really think women vibes at it, when they need to see you in as you nibble relish on greasy chicken wings and then to lick your fingers?

    Conclusion: Love goes through the stomach just yet

    Now that you know you should never eat on the first date which courts or food. However, is not only important to eat WHAT but HOW you eat. 66 percent of those in the above-mentioned survey of Tinder and Deliveroo stated namely that smacking is an absolute mood killer during the meal. Sip (soup!) Should also not be well received. 

    And now we wish good appetite and good luck on a date.

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