The sex was mega moderately! Cuddle, maybe slumber once more relaxed one. Not so the woman at your side. Our author reveals what women do then secretly

Women often require the extension during foreplay. When after-sex relaxation, however, you are less enthusiastic. Of course, they enjoy the cozy togetherness after the tryst just like men. The only difference: it is often mentally somewhere else while he blissfully drift into the land of dreams. Blame the hormones.

When male orgasm the hormones prolactin and oxytocin are released, the levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline decreases. This combination provides the so-called post-coital fatigue. In the female orgasm, however, the concentration of epinephrine and norepinephrine in the blood rises. That is why they are often awake and turned up after orgasm. That is the theory. But what do the ladies when man still indulges in the climax? Our author asked around in their girls round and the top 10 things listed.

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What woman after sex does # 1: Put the rose-colored glasses and a party

Wow! That was wild, it was intimately, which was nice. The hormone cocktail of oxytocin and adrenaline makes us girls that we are catapulted on cloud 177th If heartbeat and breath calm down slowly, we feel simultaneously totally awake and super relaxed. Best of all, the reason for our feeling flash is located right next to us. Since we like to look back: how her lying there, completely done with disheveled hair - to fall in love! Some of us are so exuberant that they hug prefer fixed exchange vows of love or would lash life plans. Because you men after orgasm but all are other than ready to jump, of course one way or another you sometimes wrong - and that will typically commented as follows: "You always fall asleep after sex",

After orgasm, she is already thinking no longer in bed
While man still indulges orgasm, women's thoughts already elsewhere


What woman after sex does # 2: Check whether the condom was really close

Most of us would touch a used condom with two fingers. Nevertheless, many jump over her disgust shade, especially after a one-night stand. The horror stories of cracked rubber go namely traces on us. Even if the sex was terrific, the quiet doubt for many women comes on. We were simply used for a long time that we only themselves have to deal with the prevention and therefore have a rote acquired control issues - especially if the condom was not only used as a backup for hormonal contraception.

What it does after sex # 3: back to your side of the bed

A wet spot on the sheets? The legacies of sex part of it, but please do not on our side of the mattress! After sex, some of us like to slip over to you therefore to prevent marks on their half. Have you not noticed? When next Sex times out. Sure, they want to cuddle - but that's not the only reason for the need of proximity.

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What makes women after sex # 4: consider whether they need to change the sheets

It follows from point 2: What was the mess? Are you the same visitors increased the lead to the bathroom and have fresh snuggled back into the box or are you still occur after the lusty battle? More urgently raises the question of the lovemaking during their strawberry week. You know what the massacres may leave. Yes, we think so practical. I say yes, zest Greetings!

What does the darling after sex # 5: cancel in thought the spinning class in the evening

The rumple the sheets was exhausting enough. Today sweating again? Oh no! Unless we could not really impoverish us Bettsport. But in doubt we decide he prefers for a TV show marathon and an additional unit cuddle on the couch.

What it does # 6 after sex: hitting the bottle and then disappear on the toilet

No, it's not about champagne, but perfectly ordinary water or what is otherwise just standing on the bedside table. Exciting Sex makes you thirsty, so far clear. But it has yet another reason why some of us reach for the sex nimbly water bottle. You want to make sure that they can go to the toilet in the next half hour to prevent it burns like hell in the next three days while peeing. Indeed, there are girls who tend after sex to incurring a bladder infection. Triggers are germs of the man who come during sex in her bladder. By woman washes the urethra while peeing, it may be the so-called honeymoon Zystis prevent. Therefore, your beloved dive, always as soon thereafter to the toilet.

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What woman after sex makes # 7: Find the panties

It is jinxed: as stealing a monster under the bed underpants, brassieres and socks, which have passed in the heat of battle in all directions. In most cases, the clothes distributed under the covers at the foot. Before we get up, the part must be found.

What your partner after sex does # 8: check the vagina

Just the two: a woman and her vagina. After sex we enjoy the latest in the shower the intimate togetherness. All is well down there? An intense lovemaking we still feel hours later. 

These things do women after sex - and you have no idea
Togetherness with the intimate zone: after sex following the vagina Check

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What it does after sex # 9: take a look in the mirror

We have the opportunity to look at a day not often us naked in the mirror after getting up, before going to bed and, right after sex. That's why many of us take advantage of the opportunity to make a nimble form check. . And the falls mostly good: for because of the overflowing happiness hormones after orgasm we ourselves are not as strict as before us After sex lips shine, the skin is plump and rosy complexion - Hello bombshell

What woman after sex is # 10: masturbate

Do not worry: just because a woman after sex nor even invests hand, does not mean that you have the tryst was not fun. On the contrary, many women are so sharp that they crave just after the next after the first orgasm. Because some do not want to expect the (tired) partners, they masturbate just proven way.

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Yes, women have their ticks after sex. What about yours? What are you doing so? might shoot an after-sex selfie, you smoke the cigarette after or lead them an ominous tally? Whether male or female secret habits has: do not hurt your partner. As long as the sex is authentic, ultimately does not matter who or what then does it?

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