Planning is good, even better start. And above all: Sit down with your project also sufficiently pressurized

  1. Each attachment needs a concrete plan: "fixed targets like general projects. The reaction is significantly facilitated by exact details of time and place"Explains Dr. Marlies Pinnow, head of the working group motivational psychology at the Ruhr-University Bochum. You want to lose 5 kilos in the next 6 months? Make up for the half year a realistic time and training plan.
  2. Just start: "The beginning is usually the most difficult", The Cologne Motivation Coach explains Dr. Stefan Frädrich and adds: "By the action motivation often comes automatically."
  3. You split their task: Advantage of this strategy: The small projects are easier to implement than the end goal. You can often times celebrate a small success in the way. A to-do list, where you can check off items on a regular basis and is therefore always smaller, has a similar effect. Document your progress in a training or weight loss diary.
  4. visualize goals: Do not be distracted by other things of your projects. The best way to keep your plans in mind, by labeling small target list that you distribute at home or at work. It is important that you have this constantly in mind. Glue the self-addressed communications to the refrigerator, on the dash in the car or to the monitor on the desk.
  5. Tell others of your project: This increases the social control and increases the expectations of you. So, do not disappoint your buddies - is also in guarantees a winner!
  6. Pick out many opponents: Whether you want to implement a sporty, health or professional goal - in a group in which all have the same project, it works better. The reason: If it comes to you once a small hangover, the fellow you with words and deeds. So, sign up for Weight Watchers, or simply pick out a running group.
  7. For Musterknaben: Take an example to people who have already successfully implemented their plans. This may for example be a celebrity, but also a colleague or your neighbor. Such examples are encouraging to finally take their own goals in attack. Tell yourself: "When did it, then I grab that too! "You want to lose weight? Then have a look at our fast times Pfundskerl, to Benefit section on page 30 in the December 2008 issue of Men's Health.
  8. Bet at: A US study has shown that men who bet money on their plans endure for half a year, have a success rate of 97 percent. After 6 months, already one in two people in the comparison group had failed. So, you always rely on the best - on yourself!
  9. Think about the future: And only at the positive side. Motivation psychologist Pinnow recommends: "Do you dream of how much better you will feel in the target - that helps." So, to make smoking closing means to live a healthier life for you.
  10. Provide artificial time pressure: For this, a weekly overview, where you can write down your tasks is enough. When a workout is entered for Monday, the sports unit must also be completed that day. The more seriously you take these appointments, the less you will skip the training - for an appointment with your boss you finally do not go as you wish.