Tension in the neck are not uncommon. But how do you deal in sports right with it? Ignore or simply continue to train?

User question: I have muscle tension in the neck. My orthopedist advised me to strength training, a neurologist does not recommend. Who is right? (Christoph Krauter, by e-mail)

Our answer: You should first clarify what is the cause of the tension. "It is not always an attitude weakness that such neck tension triggers," said Michael Peters, Head of Sports Medicine and Sports Traumatology at the University Hospital Freiburg. "Just as the cause neurological may be, for example, a herniated disc, the pain radiating into the arms of triggers. In incoordination possibly blood circulation to the brain may even be detracted."

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Only when the cause actually lies in an attitude of weakness, strength training can be very useful. "Crucial, a holistic approach is the spine Training"Says the expert. Acute neck tension can relieve you with heat, such as with a heating pad.

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