Find your genitals too small? So you can make it bigger than it is

OperateYour penis is like an iceberg: one part is visible, the rest in you. "In the operation, the tether of the penis is severed"Says Dr. Hartmut Porst, Urologist from Hamburg.
That brings it: The penis can be pulled out something from the abdominal cavity through the engagement so casts a longer and 1.5 centimeters on average. "There are patients who then complain of impotence and infections"Says Rosemary. Marriage is with you in the pants, you should seek advice from the urologist. Cost: from 6000 euros. Details see below

Stretch: Traction will make your penis longer, perhaps with the help of an orthopedic stretching belt. Which is strapped around the abdomen and connected to a stretch condom that you pull over the penis. The tensile strength can be adjusted via the belt. Schedule: six to twelve hours per day.
That brings it: The extension by one to 1.5 centimeters in a flaccid state was demonstrated in a study. Gestation period: six months. Attention! "There is no investigation into possible violations of the urethra"Warns urologist Porst. Cost: about 200 euros. More information can be found in our penis Dossier

inflation: The vacuum pump is primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction. Swipe your penis into a cylinder and create vacuum. As a result, blood backs up into the corpora cavernosa - you get an erection. With frequent use is to also extend the penis.
That brings it: Nothing. Porst: "In a series of experiments was refuted that this is permanent."

To swallow: Some pills with a secret herbal recipe promise miracles: a penis extension of up to seven centimeters, as well as better control of ejaculation.
That brings it: "There is no magic bullet. The pills can not keep their promise"Says the expert. Natural resources such as oats or ginseng help somewhat more because they stimulate blood flow. However, erection aids of this kind act for a short time.

Trickery: Porn stars shave untenrum all pubic hair off, because by the penis is longer acting. Also helpful is a flat belly.
That brings it: They had the more pubic hair and belly before, the greater seems your best piece after treatment. About two centimeters more in it - ie: outdoors.

Penis enlargement and penis enlargement with experience:

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Methods for penis enlargement
he wanted to make his banana a thick cucumber?

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Risk penis surgery - the details

Whether surgical penis enlargement ever makes sense is controversial among experts. We explain what methods lead to interesting results

Optical illusion
From a frivolous decision for an extension is generally not recommended, as the approximately 30 minute long operation also fraught with risks. Complications include, for example, infection, bleeding, ugly scars or even impotence. The surgeon cuts the abdominal skin in the region of the penis root, and then penetrates deep into the tissue below the pubic bone. There he severed the strap of the penis. The result is that the body is a little way from the abdominal cavity "pull out" can and thereby longer appears to the viewer.

Not every doctor who is willing to extend a penis should give the patient confidence. Dubious firms are not exactly squeamish when carrying out the procedure.

Less scarring through sensitive cuts
There are differences as for example in the cut. Who wants to make it simple, open the skin with a large Y-shaped section, whereby a relatively large scar ensteht. At the Freiburg University Clinic, however, it operates through the so-called keyhole. Here, ideally remains only a very small, crescent-shaped scar. Which disappears after a few weeks under the returned pubic hair.

An endoscope is not necessary in this case because it can be operated even with a small cut on sight - provided care. "If you keep expectations reasonable, the risk is no greater than for a breast augmentation"Estimates Dr. Gralf Popken from the Institute of Urology and Andrology of Uniklink Freiburg.

Different approaches are also available for the penis thickening - a second operation that perform many surgeons together with the extension. Reject is the opinion of Professor post formerly usual shifting of fat tissue from the abdomen to the penis. This method, which may seem very practical due to the Tummy effect at first - according to the motto: "I want happens to be a six pack, I can equal with one stone two birds, is not it?" - often backfires.

True greatness: Tricks penis enlargement

Tips for maximum gain in length

  • Fat aspirate (only works in overweight): Additionally away for severing the tether a plastic surgeon disturbing fat tissue in the penis. Is a good amount of belly fat scratching away, but this measure already brings two to three centimeters. Also in this case is a purely visual extension; the penis remains basically as it is, it depends only further out from the body of the owner. Overall, a corpulent patient comes with it to five or even six centimeters longer look between his thighs.
  • The Penis Workout: This should encourage each patient to risk a return to the starting dimension not long term. Because unlike other bands of our body - such as the cruciate ligaments in the knee joint - which are under high tension, the severed penis band without outside help can grow back together. To prevent this, a penis workout is advisable - with a series of weights that takes the patient to take home. The Operated no longer sits down after work in a comfortable armchair in front of the TV, but takes half a year his nightly ration chips and beer at the local bistro table standing up to him. Between the legs dangling during which the variable weight that exerts by means of a vacuum system, a tensile force of at least 500 grams in the stressed body. As the weeks and months the weight increases to up to three kilograms.

Additional Information:

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  • German Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Diakoniekrankenhaus Rotenburg, Elise Averdieck-Staße 17, 27342 Rotenburg
  • Association of German Plastic Surgeons; Internet:; Bleibtreustraße 12, 10623 Berlin

Penis enlargement via keyhole

"After injection of adipose tissue of the penis gets an in my opinion rather unsightly consistency"Said Professor Hartmut Porst. In addition, the loose fat can slip and cause irregular deformations, the Hamburg urologist.

An alternative method is to insert strips of skin in the penis, where both real and artificial skin can be used. Real skin, the surgeon removes the patient in the groin or the gluteal fold, but this leaves scars at these points. Artificial skin saves the body with these scars. These implants are not for the body's own tissue; yet the artificial skin behaves medically inert - that is neutral. It is made from the connective tissue of cattle and otherwise not rejected as a skin of strangers.

The thickening operation is performed endoscopically and takes about 45 minutes. Indeed: "The implantation of strips of skin is actually a nor satisfactory method, so that you too can not recommend it with good conscience", The Frankfurt sexologists reported Dr. Haydar Karatepe.

Pfuscht the doctor, many patients end up just a few weeks after the operation on the operating table. Then it comes to limit the damage. Hard-boiled example, can be easily refill only extra fat at the same physicians to achieve a plump shape. but at least now it is recommended to consult a reputable urologist.

Side effects impotence
In the worst case, the power is gone afterwards, because the surgeon has damaged the essential for the virility nerves about when severing the suspensory ligament or the stop bleeding. Are the nerves, often helps only a penile prosthesis - an implant that is used in place of the corpora cavernosa and can inflate if necessary. This operation is irreversible, because real cavernosa can be, once they are outside, not claw back.

Shave and pubic hair styling: the bare madness
Shave and pubic hair styling: the bare madness
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