Delicious it should be easy and quick to prepare - and without meat, of course? Here you go, Alex cooks with PETA and Men's Health 7 perfect vegan recipes

Vegan lasagna and meatless meatballs? Some heads associate vegan cooking still like to Kreuzberg sociologists-WGs. But at least the sweater backing from the 80s have in the first place created an awareness of meatless diet. Anyway, veganism has long since overcome this box. Best example: Alex Flohr. The road builder and amateur chef presents in his video cooking show with PETA and Men's Health 7 Recipe classics, but without meat.

The vegan recipe videos in this article
  • vegan lasagna
  • Vegan meatballs
  • Vegan Stuffed Peppers
  • Vegan Potato Goulash
  • Vegan holiday roast
  • Sliced ​​vegan
  • Vegan Polish Bigos

vegan lasagna

The vegan cooking show with Alex: the most delicious meatless lasagna ever
The most delicious vegan lasagna ever