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The Achilles tendon is weak point of many runners. An examination of the Hannover Medical School found out how to heal with simple training chronic inflammation: barefoot so put their feet to the edge of a stair step that the rear foot over about protrudes from Großzehballen on. Only lift on tiptoe, holding two seconds, then reduce as far as possible and hold two seconds. Do the exercise three times a day with 15 repetitions.

more explosive
simply try out the explosive variant during fitness training. Who makes the explosive variants from certain strength exercises, has more power in the normal version. A study that was published in the "Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research".

Straight jumps from a crouch provide more power with the subsequent squats, and after explosive push-ups (with clapping) to create more of the normal. The researchers suggest that it is due to the explosive movements to chemical changes in the fibers that activate the muscles in the normal movements stronger.

Are you tired of every day several kilometers to run and still lose a gram weight To lose weight, but too heavy to run, must walken - the most backward. The consumed 25 percent more calories, so US scientists from the University of Oregon at the same pace. The reason: walking backwards requires smaller but more steps.

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