Women want a Softie or Macho? Neither! With this tactic you get to your desired destination in women

  • The first Flirt
    That is her! In a club you see your dream woman. And now? Turn on or antanzen first?
    So it makes the macho He always has a loose slogan on stock. His favorite: "Your eyes color goes great with my linen." With any luck, he ends up with it even in bed, the dream woman, but only for one night - then puts him in front of the door.
    So it makes the Softie On the dance floor, he wriggles around for a while before her. Perhaps he then speaks to her ( "Hey, you dance really awesome!"). then maybe she speaks to him ( "Hey, you dance really funny!"). Perhaps from the two slightly. Maybe not.
    So YOU ​​do it Dare to take the first step, however, you will not trade at the door into the house. A simple "How are you?" Is better than worn sayings. Whether linens and eye color is actually the same, you can check later still.
  • The first date
    Your dinner is coming to an end. Should you invite the lady or split the bill by two?
    So it makes the macho Snaps his fingers to operate induce and slaps the credit card on the table. The bundle tip he puts her without hesitation into the cutout. The problem: Such scenes know the accompaniment of the porn ex-boyfriend.
    So it makes the Softie "Should I pay for everything now or I take her by their self-determination? We should share, for shared is a problem halved. "Softie thoughts that surely lead to the taxi-money does not have to share (because she drives alone).
    So YOU ​​do it Wait that your companion disappears on the toilet. Pay the bill and receive your date with her coat in hand. Certainly they will be surprised - and ready for the next stage of conquest.
  • The first sex
    Managed - you have arrived! Take what you want, or comes to the climax?
    So it makes the macho "And how was I?" The answer is important to him - he wants to know whether to buy the potency pills again. After jackhammer session he gives her a pat on the butt, then he throws them out. Or him.
    So it makes the Softie With cuddling he knows his best. If it lands but then accidentally times between her thighs, he has a few questions: "Does it hurt? Is that okay with you? Have you ever come? "Probably it is then gone.
    So YOU ​​do it Be calm of determining. Women know that they are a sex object during the act. That's not so bad as long as you make sure that they also help comes at their expense. And in bed applies: no more questions!

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