With the ViPR colleague Björn Krause has tested a trendy workout trend. How did geschlaucht him the tube, you will see in the video

I'm lost for words. but it's not about astonishment, that makes me and all the other men fall silent. It is pure effort. At first faint groan came here and there around the room, now only heavy panting. Rather than big speeches we swing hard half a dozen solid rubber tubes of handles, 4 to 20 kilos. ViPR is a trend in functional training, the acronym ( "Weiper") stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning - dynamics, performance and realignment.

Warm-up: rod pit
While we take us with jumping jacks and squats to operating temperature, said Tim Lutz, coach at the club chain Fitness First in Hamburg, what will we do with the pipes, which are spread all over the room, the same: "You will swing the ViPR and lift, pull and roll, and always full throttle. "Sounds simple, right?

1st round: move tube
Training with the ViPR is fast like a sports car that accelerates in a few seconds from zero to 100th And it consumes a similar amount of fuel. Coach Lutz has now built up 6 exercises to a circuit training course that in half an hour we go through three times. Each exercise lasts 45 seconds, then for 15 seconds to go to the next station. After the third practice I suspect that I will crawl out here on my knees. In a ViPR-uppercut I have to swing up the pipe with plenty of pace from below into a lunge. A knock-out exercise - and for swinging.

With the ViPR colleague Björn Krause has tested a trendy workout trend
In a ViPR-uppercut the pipe you have to resonate with a lot of speed from the bottom up in a lunge

© Christine Liebold

2nd round: volume ViPR
So gradually leave power and endurance for - and it is becoming more difficult to get the exercises coordinated to the series. I just noticed at Frontsquats in which the tube is held in front of the body. But all this also has its purpose. "The exercises in particular increase the stability of the hull. This comes from the fact that you have to slow down the momentum of ViPR, "the coach explained. I burn coverings the brake, that is: the thigh.

3rd round: show bite
The last ViPR Round is poisonous like a snake bite. The pulse beats me holes in the skull. Lutz holt everything again from the group out and all fires us strong. I'm actually flat, but still'll give you everything. Then it's over, done! A great feeling, but to be happy, I lack the force. Even after training, not many words are lost. We nod approvingly us to clap us off. And further wheeze.

ViPR exercise Plank & Pull
ViPR exercise Plank & pull

© Christine Liebold

2 top exercises with the ViPR:

Plank & pull
Walk into the pushup position. Place a ViPR centered under the breast. Then pull the tube with the left hand to the left, while being supported by right.

B. Return to the starting position. Make the exercise on the other side. repeat the process for 45 seconds.

ViPR exercise Jump to Squat
ViPR exercise Jump to Squat

© Christine Liebold

Jump to Squat
A. Start position: up about shoulder width. Then jump to the Vipr forward and go at the same time to its knees.

B. jump out of the squat back to the starting position.

C. Advanced jump backwards, beginners can also run. Then it goes again in the squat and from there again back to the starting position. 

ViPR course: Functional training from the roll
So goes ViPR training:
Participants complete a circle of about 6 stations and work in each case with the weight of solid rubber tubes that must be sweeping moves. The goal is to train the whole body comprehensively.

So long does ViPR trainingPro Course 30 minutes each exercise 45 seconds. Once a week ViPR courses are a good addition to the normal sports quota.

So much does ViPR training: The course's in gyms free for members generally. Those interested can go to a free trial.

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Muscles ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩
Coordination ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩   
Endurance ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩