Question: How strength and endurance training can be meaningful and effective interconnect?
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If you want to train strength and endurance in one day, put in between breaks

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Moritz Tellmann is a physician, personal trainer and Men's-Health Model. His tip is: "Just put the two together. increase intensive mountain or resistance runs the muscular power requirement. The other way round offer Zirkel- and superset workout stamina effects. Or you complete both in succession. but put a focus. My tip to: Change the sequences, such as Mondays and Wednesdays only cardio only strength training.

If you want to distribute power and endurance units useful throughout the day, you should do far between. So I go in the morning like walking early in half an hour, eat healthily through the day and evening stemme weights. Advantages: They are each fully focused on both. And you are, so my experience is more motivated. Please complete a marathon in the morning! Otherwise also the evening workout has been running next to you.

You are looking for a sense of achievement? Bet with a buddy to see who loses the first 5 kilos and as much body fat. Just let him go. but they dumbbells and run. The winner is already clear: You! After all, training with free weights and machines makes the muscles grow - and muscle tissue consumes energy around the clock, even if you do nothing. Endurance training complements the strength training, because it optimizes metabolic processes that have to do with the fat loss. If I had to choose, I would always prefer strength training.

Although many think of endurance training more calories to lose - that is only partially true and depends primarily on the intensity of training from. I recently analyzed during strength training heart rates of my clients. On average, they were at 135 to 150. This is intense, the energy value ago with high endurance exercise comparable.

Also important: Eat something in the intervals between cardio and strength training. A banana or an energy drink prevents you falter. Sugar provides fix available energy. A sweet Push (no, not the woman at the next machine!) Gives me an energy boost. Hold for 20 minutes by longer, which increases the training success.

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  • 03/06/2013
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  • Men&# 039; s Health

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