This training plan will leave you with a perfect body ausdefinierten in the last 2 weeks. These Feintuning- and endurance sessions grab the title

Example of training plan for Weeks 7 and 8
This plan is only an example of the training design. We encourage you to plan with an expert, such as your personal trainer, customize for you. The weekdays indicated are of course not fixed. This means you do not have to hold criminally to the sequence. You can move a day after the units back well, should then also all other units at the same time move to comply with the corresponding recovery times.

Training schedule for weeks 1-2
Training schedule for weeks 3-4
Training schedule for weeks 5-6

In the final two weeks you train the following method: The principle is simple - 5 sets á 20 repetitions at the same weight. In this form of training, the definition is the focus. Each workout consists of four exercises. The exact workout Flow You can find the bottom of the training plan. wait a week 4 different workouts that are divided into different muscle groups for you.

Your personal initial weight should be between 30 to 40 percent of your maximum strength. If you manage all records with this weight, increase the weight in the next unit by 4 to 5 percent. Between sets a rest time of 30 seconds is ideal.

The workout program with two intensive endurance training is rounded.

Thus, the perfect training rhythm looks like:
All exercises in this workout can be found further down the page in image and video.

Monday: chest / back
1. bench press with dumbbells in the hammer handle
2. Dumbbell Row on the incline bench
3. Flys with open palms up

4. lat pull on Kabelzugturm

Closed on Tuesdays
Wednesday: Biceps / Triceps
1. bicep curls with EZ bar in the broad undercling
2. triceps routes with dumbbells on the incline bench
3. bicep curls with dumbbells in an overhand grip
4. triceps routes with SZ dumbbell in the preamble
Thursday: persistence unit
Warm-up: 10 minutes intense jumping rope, then light stretching of the entire leg muscles. enter then 5 minutes.
Main unit: It's getting hard: Alternatively, 100-meter sprints go at 85 percent of your maximum heart rate and 100 meters. This interval repeat ten times.
Friday: shoulders / forearms
1. shoulder presses with dumbbells
2. Wrist curls with EZ-bar in the preamble to the weight bench
3. lateral raises with dumbbells
4. Wrist curls with EZ-bar in the lower handle on the weight bench
Saturday: legs / abdomen
1. Squats with dumbbells
2. crunches with dumbbells
3. leg extensions on the machine
4.Überkreuz crunches
Closed Sundays

Cover model contest 2013: Training Plan 4 photos
Cover model contest 2013: Training Plan 4 photos
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